Technology, or the lack thereof...

March 22, 2019 chris
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By Vicki Scott

Technology is supposed to make life easier, but the acclamation to new technology is sometimes inconvenient for me. 

I ordered some shoes from Amazon for my plantar fasciitis because I needed some relief and they were cute. There was no relief when I tried the shoes on, so I decided to return them.

When I went online for instructions, the website emailed me a code to be scanned at UPS. From what I understood, I could just box up the shoes and show UPS the code. UPS would scan the code and print off the return label and I would be done.

I found an old white shoe box and packaged up the shoes, then did a screenshot of the return code from my Amazon email. It has been my experience to screenshot information because the internet is never a guarantee otherwise. 

I had an appointment to get the last of my “blonde from a bottle” hair cut off at 10:30. I was so excited about this that I was ready in plenty of time to drop off my shoebox at the post office. 

When I arrived at the post office, I was the only one there, which was a good thing because I was informed that they don’t copy labels. I pulled up the code off the internet and showed my Amazon email. The post office didn’t have anything they could use to copy. I was instructed to go to the library, make a copy of the label, tape it on my box and come back.

I did the Walk of Shame to my car and thought to myself, “I have a copier, so I can go back to the house and copy the label.” I couldn’t find on my phone where to copy a label but maybe it was on the desktop.

At home, I went online and searched for a way to make a return label. While on the website, I noticed the letters “UPS” in symbol form. It dawned on me that I was supposed to go to a UPS store! I knew that! Please believe me! What was I thinking?

Alaco Pharmacy in Glencoe is a UPS drop-off. I smiled at the thought of seeing “Dr.” Paulette and Ms. Betty and all the others, but I knew I would talk too much and miss my hair appointment.

With completely gray hair, I met with Paulette, only to find out that she couldn’t scan my code, either. She asked me if I knew where Cothran’s Bakery was. She knew I did – everyone knows where Cothran’s is. Yum! Paulette said the UPS store next door could help me.

After enjoying a conversation about Bingo and the George Wallace Senior Center, I set out to find Cothran’s, I mean. UPS. 

This UPS – not USPS – had the means to help me. I pulled out my phone to sign in on my account and show the code to the UPS guy. What a surprise – I could not get the internet! I went to the window and still, no service! The UPS guy suggested I take a picture of it, and I jumped up and yelled with excitement! I went to photos, pulled up the code and he scanned and printed the label.

As much as I return things, it seems that every time brings a new experience. Later that day I received an email stating that Amazon received the shoes and my refund was coming in three to five days. That was fast! I guess a drone will pick up my return next time. If so, I hope it has better luck finding me than I had returning those shoes. I’m still in my old shoes, which offer relief but are not cute.