Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston

April 26, 2019 chris
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The following piece is an example of the creative writing of my the granddaughter Breanna, who pictured with me this week. She will be 13 on April 26. I think she’s written several good poems for her class at Episcopal Day School.

An Ode to Mocha

“My lovely, feisty cat, Mocha, you are a loved cat. You don’t like really like me all the time. You’re sweet and soft and your tongue feels like sandpaper and you are silly. I thank you for pouncing on me in the mornings so I don’t sleep in.

I imagine life without you with being tardy at school. I also imagine life without you, I would not be having scratches and bite marks on my hands and arms!

There are pros and cons of having a cat. You are fluffy but you shed a lot! Hairless cats don’t shed. Your fur smells like sweet cinnamon. My life without you would for me being tardy for school and have boring nights. I love you, always!”

Breanna Lankford

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