Greeting A.W. Richardson and getting a handle on The Peabody

June 14, 2019 chris
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By Vicki Scott

I suppose that loving to learn and having a good sense of humor are good characteristics when working at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe.

The education I receive from our seniors is better than anything I ever learned in school. Our seniors keep my mind active and alert to what I will learn next.

While I was trying to figure out my old/new job this past week, a gentleman approached me with a sweet smile and asked me if I knew A.W. Richardson. That name sounded very familiar, and I remembered that I friended an A.W. Richardson on Facebook. I told the gentleman that I added A.W. Richardson because he had several mutual friends, but I did not know him personally.

The gentleman then informed me he was A.W. Richardson. I laughed and told him I was glad to meet him.

When he came in a few days later, I called A.W. Richardson by his name and said, “Good Morning!” A.W. Richardson politely corrected me and told me that people call him “Rich.”  Later that day, I shared this story with the rest of our seniors during announcements so that they could enjoy my learning experience, too!

We still have line dancing on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the center, thank goodness. Before my hiatus from the center, I attempted to lead line dancing. Trecia Lee taught us the dance steps I knew then, and it took me a long time to learn them. We have a new person, Richard Wright, leading dance now, and he is good! Richard has been trying to teach me the “Peabody,” which I never even heard of. Anyone who knows the “Peabody” probably learned it fast, but not me.  I appreciate Richard’s patience.

Another lady named Doris Campmire tried to teach me the “Achy Breaky Heart,” which she called simple but I was all confused! I think I even tried to add the “Peabody” to it. What a mess!

My hip started hurting again, but thankfully I had some emu oil that Jerry and Agnes Skinner told me about from the last time I experienced hip discomfort.

All this learning on top of trying to get in the groove of the new/old job would be overwhelming without God. I praise Him for my sense of humor and the ability to laugh at my mistakes (most of the time). I also praise God for using the George Wallace Senior Center to kindle my love for learning and blessing my life so much!

Thanks, y’all!