Attalla honors local for saving baby with CPR

October 11, 2019 chris
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By Sarrah Peters, News Editor

At the Attalla City Council meeting on Monday, October 7, Attalla Mayor Larry Means presented Jack’s employee Cory Gilliam with a proclamation.

Gilliam was working at Jack’s when Jessica Battles ran into the restaurant with her baby, E.J. Kilgro. Only a month old, baby E.J.’s skin had turned blue and he was not breathing. Gilliam, who had recently been CPR-certified, performed CPR on E.J. After E.J. was breathing once more, he was treated by the Attalla Fire Department and checked out at a hospital.

“Be it resolved by the Mayor Larry Means of Attalla City Council do hereby declare and decree the recognition of Cory Gilliam on the 7th day of October 2019 for his heroism in saving the baby’s life on September 23, 2019,” said Means.

“I don’t have words to describe how thankful we are,” said Battles. “It took a long time for me to be able to have this baby. We had five miscarriages, and I almost lost him. If it wasn’t for Cory, I would have lost him.”

“Well, he’s tough,” said Gilliam. “He’s a tough baby.”

Jack’s Restaurant honored Gilliam for upholding Jack’s honors and values.

“We’ve got these values at Jack’s and one of them is integrity, and integrity is doing the right thing,” said a spokesperson for the company. “While everybody else was shocked, and awed at what was going on, Cory stepped in.”