God’s Word revealed for us – Today is the day!


By John Larkins

There is some doubt about whether or not readers may be actually interested in saving their souls.

In fact, there seems to be an opinion in the air that there is no God, especially one who is actually the beginning and the end of our existence.

Just for the record, it is here stated that there is a God who is the creator of this universe, including all humans. This God tried communicating with us but has not had great success, seeing as how so few people have ever acknowledged that His book, the Bible, is worth owning, much less reading.

People here in Gadsden and Etowah County do not seem so very much different from people mentioned in the Bible, so perhaps they are about the same whatever time in which they may live. There are rumors spread from time to time that God is dead. Out of an abundance of caution, however, it will be asserted here that God is actually alive and will outlive all of us. God has told us that He created us and did so because He loves us. Because He created us, He thinks He has the option of telling us how to behave. He has also been quoted as saying that He will judge us at the end of our lives as to what actions or behavior we did during our lives. The outcome of this assessment will be either we go to remedial training and subsequently go to His Father’s kingdom called heaven to spend eternity with Him, or, with a failing grade on obedience to God’s rules, without any repentance, to eternity in a most unpleasant environment called Hell. One of God’s most emphatic standards is that this choice, smoking or not smoking, is reserved to each person’s deliberate choice.

Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” The recently elected Democratic Communists teach a contradictory religion but it is a relatively new and untested dogma. God may (I predict He will) prevail!

Please do not hastily conclude that all this is bad news. On the contrary, you must ponder that God’s mission was to establish a Church so His teachings and dispensed mercy would have continuity, even 2000 years, to today in northeast Alabama. He boldly announced that the priests of His Catholic Church were given His delegated authority to forgive sins. This the only documented provision for avoiding Hell by the forgiveness of all your sins. Where can you get a better deal?

You may have heard of Saint Paul, one of Christ’s bishops. He said something valuable to us: “Do not praise me for preaching God’s message; I must do this as my Savior commands.”

If you have never heard this before and never do again, today is the day!   

John Larkins’ formal education includes a BS certified for science teaching, an MBA from the University of Missouri and an MPA from Jacksonville State University in public administration and environmental management.For the past 15 years, John evangelized on the street, door-to-door, in tent revivals and in church situations. Contact him at johnlarkins@bellsouth.net.

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