Saylor Rhea showed me my age…


By Vicki Scott

A while back my husband and I had the honor of watching our first grandchild, Saylor Rhea. We were so excited and had made all kinds of plans. I was inspired by a sweet lady at church who does “Nana Camp” every summer with her grandkids.

Our first day consisted of going to Noccalula Falls and riding the trains, petting the animals and lots of walking. We then came back to Glencoe and enjoyed the splash pad along with the activities in the park. We ate. We played. We wore ourselves out! That night I just knew that Saylor would go right to sleep.

She did not!

At the mere mentioning of going to bed for the night, Saylor informed me that she wanted her mother. She repeated herself louder and louder. When that didn’t work, she ran to the door, opened it and yelled out as loud as she could, “I want my Mama!” I coaxed her into coming back in the house, and we finally went to bed.

Saylor cried for what seemed like hours but it was probably only about 10 minutes. She then was silent.

“Finally, she went to sleep,” I thought.

Just when I sighed a sigh of relief, I  started laughing. In her two-year-old lingo, she gave me a play-by-play of everything she just did since the beginning of my attempts to get her to go sleep.

“I’m way too old for this,” I thought, and this was just day one of four days! My age is showing, but we did make it and lived to tell some Saylor stories.

On the last day as I was getting ready to take Saylor to her mother, I found her in my bedroom on the floor asleep. I tried to wake her and asked her if she was ready to see her mother.

“Leave me my ‘lone!” she said. I smiled and let her sleep.

Saylor really showed me my age!

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