A whirlwind that turned into a cyclone


By Vicki Scott

During this time of the year as grandparents, we’ve been burning up some highways this past week. It has been a joy and an honor to be able to do this. There have been several changes in the Scott house, and it has felt like a cyclone just passed through.

Our son, Joseph and daughter-in-law Machi’s daughter had a dance recital in Opelika. I don’t know exactly when Machi got there to make it happen, but we sat on the front row! Even though she was extremely nervous, our sweet Ava Jaymes did a wonderful job at my alma mater, Opelika High School. It was a giant school when I was a student and has expanded since then. It was nice seeing the place again, but the best part was seeing our grandbaby on stage.

The next recital was in Clanton featuring Saylor Rhea, our daughter Eva and her husband Trey’s daughter. We were Backrow Baptists and got reprimanded for having baby formula in the auditorium.

“No food in the auditorium,” the security guard said. He might have been having a bad day.

But the guard didn’t say anything about our chocolate covered pretzels. Rules are rules, so my daughter promptly took Tyler Kate’s baby formula out in the hall. We ate the pretzels and stuffed the evidence in Machi’s purse. She caught us and we all laughed.

The recital lasted three and a half hours! Machi’s father said it was the better recital. The best part was when Saylor Rhea danced with her daddy to “Butterfly Kisses,” during which I ugly cried. There also was a routine in which the mom and daughter danced and I might have teared up a little, but “Butterfly Kisses,” y’all! My glasses even fogged up!

We then trekked to Alexander City for the next event, Ava Jaymes’ pre-school graduation. She did so well and has grown like crazy, just as Saylor Rhea. Machi said this event was going to take only 45 minutes. It didn’t matter how long it took; what mattered to me was that we saw it all.

Another change is the finishing of my book, which has been edited by my husband Alan and Pat, the director at George Wallace Senior Center.  I made the corrections from what Alan and Pat found and then sent it to Chris McCarthy, the Publisher/Editor at The Messenger newspaper.  How exciting! I praise God constantly for these three people, and I hope they never forget that.  God knew what I needed. I have already started on another book and have two more book ideas!

With all this traveling and excitement of finishing my book, the lady who took my place at George Wallace Senior Center sold her house and is moving away. She put in her notice, and I was there working on my book with Pat when she announced it. I quickly asked where I needed to go to apply. I get to start back at my old job next Friday! Pat told me I have two weeks to get my affairs in order.

Toward the end of last week, Eva called and said that she and Trey had to be out of their house by June 3. God was working with them, too. Trey’s father offered to let them move in his house, since he and his wife don’t live there anymore. They moved to a house with a pool. Not long after this offer, they were approached about renting their house. Both offers were accepted. We jumped at the chance to play with our grandbabies and oh, yeah, help them move.

It is a bit overwhelming when I realize how blessed we are. We might have just experienced a cyclone, but life doesn’t get any better than this. God is awesome!

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