An annoying fly and an Alaskan wish


By Vicki Scott

About a year has passed since the coronavirus made its mark around the world. With a nickname like “Hot Flashy,” it is obvious that I am one of the few who love the cool and cold weather. Spring is around the corner. I can tell because the season’s first pesky fly zoomed into our house to annoy me. The fly was a reminder that warmer weather is in my future. I looked for a fly swatter from where I was sitting but was too lazy to get up and find one. The fly would live a little longer.

During my annual medical check-ups that are about four years too late, every one of my doctors told me to lose my COVID-19 weight. I wish I could blame the coronavirus on my weight, but I cannot. I agreed with my doctors and moved on. The last doctor told me to get moving when the weather warms up. I know he is right, but he was my least favorite visit.

Our dog Sandy, who is the border collie that looks like a yellow lab, has been coming into the house and jumping on me. It is a summons for me to walk her, and I have done so a few times.  Those were proud moments.

I praise God for George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe. I feel like I am doing something productive while I’m there. There have been so many opportunities I have experienced because our director Pat Hill gave me a chance and keeps giving me chances. She is keeping my husband Alan productive as well.

The changing weather has affected everyone’s sinuses. Pat and Alan have had a fierce battle with their sinuses but their excitement about the warmer weather has not slowed down. Alan loves the time change part of spring, which means longer days to be outside and playing on his motorcycles. I find myself wanting to visit Alaska.

Along with changes in weather have been many other changes that have put a lot on my Plate of Life.  Alan and I have been cleaning out my mother’s home while trying to beat the closing date of March 31. Every day I look at the pictures of her house, and even though I know it was what she wanted us to do, it still makes me sad. It might be exhaustion, but tears are happening, nonetheless. I still cannot believe she is gone.

I will not be a fool this April 1. Because Friday is April 2, 2021, I plan to run away. I might let my husband come but not that annoying fly. Instead of Alaska, I think I might try Muscle Shoals. 

We were planning to go to Muscle Shoals several years back. We made it to Florence to see Hellen Keller’s home but received a phone call that cut Muscle Shoals out of our trip. We recently watched a documentary on Muscle Shoals, and it inspired us to try again. I think we will keep our phones in the car this time. Do not worry, however; Alaska is still on my bucket list.

People have told me flies have a short life. I have a hard time believing that during the spring and summer. I need to find my fly swatter. 

Stay safe, y’all!

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