God’s word revealed – Defying God is not in our best interests


By John Larkins

The headline in an article in the Wednesday, April 20, edition of a local newspaper commiserated with several physicians concerning a growing discontent with a medical procedure’s criminalization. The article so boldly – and brazenly – recommended full support for the operation that I was stunned by the revelation that murder was the highly regarded procedure. Of course, the fawning news writer did not point out to the interviewees that in such an operation, at least one person inevitable lost their life. It is highly unlikely that anyone involved with this “thought piece” had access to the King James Bible definition of “murder,” which would be, “The act of unlawfully killing a human being with premeditated malice by a person of sound mind. To constitute murder, in law, or in possession of his reason, and the act must be done with malice prepense, aforethought or premeditated; but malice may be implied, as well as express.”

The gist of this nasty discussion was that killing babies was an attractive specialty and that because of public dismay, fewer training and practice opportunities were available. You may have heard that the governor of California is establishing an entire training institution to exclusively produce an ample supply of abortionists. This supposes that the governor’s new mega clinic would attract customers from around the world. It is true that many readers do not know that abortion has only relatively recently become legal in the United States. So, abortion is a splendid example of the folklore that “legal or not, sin is sin.”

We should remind ourselves that God’s eternal laws can be made into governmental laws, but the reverse is not true. God created humans and is the author of human life. He gave humans the bodily features necessary for their reproduction and instructed them to prosper and multiply. It did not take long for us to discover that sex was also a recreational pleasure, and that reproduction could be viewed as a nuisance by the egotistical and warped mind. The Bible, written as an “owner’s guide” for humans relates that misuse of the sex act that prevented pregnancy was a sin punishable by death. Other corruptions, such as men performing sex acts on one another and women doing the same thing, were also punishable by death. We have archeological evidence of the actual destruction of two ancient cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, as monuments to same-sex attraction.

You might ask why God is so concerned with our freedom for sex. First, the success of our species is at stake so far as numbers of people born with needed genes and care until able to exist on their own. This concern is also expressed in the foundational institution of the nuclear family composed of a wife, the mother to nurture the child, both before and after birth. She has many necessary roles if the continuation of children is to succeed. The father is necessary for the protection of children and for material support and safety. Both these models are necessary to build the minds and skills of children. This ideal is not some high flown “holy” idea. It is practical and pragmatic.

Much of our individual unhappiness is due to our selfish and arrogant choices to defy God and to do it our way. Why do so many people, young and old, try to hide their lives in sex and other vices, including alcohol? Because they reject God’s way and refuse His guidance. There are

problems with these so-called freedoms. They do not work to make us happy. Abortion causes severe mental suffering from guilt and feelings of low self-worth. Please, my friends, think of what we may be doing to ourselves. God holds all the cards and knows what will happen if we revolt against Him. He also knows that after we die or kill ourselves that He will meet us for judgment to a possibly unhappy final destination, simply based on the choices we make. He is God!

For the past 17 years, John Larkins has evangelized on the street, door-to-door, in tent revivals and in church situations. Contact him at johnlarkins@bellsouth.net.

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