Adventures at the Senior Center



2018 seems to have many changes in store for the Scott house. My youngest child is getting married and planning to move out of our house. My oldest is planning to move in while she and her husband are looking for another house. Soon both families will be living with us until they find a house.
And then there is my mom…
Our house in Dadeville was full of family this Christmas, and it was amazing! We always have our dinner on Christmas Eve, and everyone pitched in for a wonderful Christmas experience. We played games until late. My heart swelled with pride witnessing our children carrying on our traditional Scott Christmas!
My husband and I, along with the grandkids, went to bed while the young parents arranged all of the presents in piles according to their names. The lights on the tree stayed on all night for that beautiful presentation for the young ones to tear open presents. Last year we had to go 45 minutes away to our daughter’s place in Millbrook on Christmas morning for this experience. There were no piles the night before. We did enjoy a lot of fun, fellowship and laughter this year until mom got tired.
January 2018 marks exactly two years since my first article for The Messenger. The inspiration to write began from adventures with my mom. I have been feeling led for quite some time to write about these adventures, but wanted to practice writing first. Our director here at George Wallace Senior Center, Pat Hill, recommended writing for The Messenger. I still can’t believe anyone would publish my writing, but it really happened, and I praise God!
Mom has dementia from a traumatic brain injury resulting from a car wreck when I was about three years old. She had to re-learn everything and compensate for any weaknesses just to be considered normal. She did so well that she went back to school for her Master’s Degree in Education and graduated with all A’s except for one B!
When my dad was suffering with a brain tumor, mom knew how to work with him because she knew what she had to do to compensate for weaknesses. My mom is a fighter and has overcome many obstacles, but time has taken its toll on her. There have been many significant changes in the past two years and the time has come that she needs more attention.
After much prayer and a whole lot of tears, my husband and I agreed that the best thing for my mom would be for us to move in with her. Soon after my dad passed away, I was blessed with a job at a nursing home. When we moved up here to Glencoe, I was trained as a caregiver and worked as one until I got my job here at the center. God has been training me for this moment. With that being said, I have no choice but to resign from the best job I’ve ever had.
I pray that God sends someone – if He hasn’t already – with as much passion as I do for our seniors. I love them so much, but my time is coming to an end here. I’ve prayed, and because of my love for my job and the people of Glencoe, I even asked God if He was sure. I have even said things like “if you do this, I’ll know…” and everything happened. I searched for alternatives, but God steered me back to moving in with her and I must be obedient.
Every prayer we could get would be deeply appreciated, and I will dearly miss everyone. My thanks go out to Pat and Chris for all of these amazing opportunities. I praise God for y’all and everyone who has blessed my life here at Glencoe.

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