Catching up time in Alex City


By Vicki Scott

This past week was another crazy, weird, and busy week. During all the commotion, I learned something new about one of my new seniors in Dadeville. This knowledge sparked memories and ideas t I could not get out of my head. Soon enough, similar things connected to this newfound knowledge. The new senior, who’s named is Ellie, looks like a sweetheart, and I just adore her. My face lights up when I see this ray of sunshine.

Our group at church planned a trip to the Bible Museum in LaGrange, Georgia, and Ellie wrote me a check for her part in the event. I tucked it in with the rest of the checks and cash collected with the intention of depositing them later on.

When I finally made it to filling out the deposit slip, Ellie’s check showed her name to be Elvira. I’ve never known a real live Elvira. Almost immediately, the song “Elvira” by the Oak Ridge Boys entered my head. I then I thought of the fact that one of the band members, William Lee Golden, was from Brewton, and that Ellie was from just down the road in Andalusia. I told her she could be the “Elvira” that the song was about. She laughed.

Later in the week, my darling husband Alan took me to see Sean Dietrich in Alexander City. A friend whom I went to college with when we were both working on a master’s degree sat down beside me. We caught up on as much as we could until the concert started. Sean Dietrich began by welcoming a family from Reeltown that we knew, and I saw a couple we knew from Glencoe.

Although it was very different from the time we saw him in Talladega, Sean Dietrich put on an awesome show, He is so talented, and we enjoyed it tremendously.

After the concert while walking out, I saw another friend who traveled with me to college when we were both working on our master’s degrees. Her husband is a physical therapist in Reeltown, and I have heard many good things about him. When I told him as much, he said he has heard good things about me, particularly my hummingbird ministry.

We soon ran across both the couple from Glencoe and the family from Reeltown, and I had the honor of introducing these people to each other.

When we finished talking, I headed back in because Alan wanted to buy a book. I saw Sean Dietrich’s wife and went to talk to her found out she is from Brewton, which sparked memories of my many treks to meet William Lee Golden, whose sister has a place around the corner from where we live on Lake Logan-Martin. I shared the treks with Sean Dietrich’s wife as much as I could. After a while, Alan got his book and we let Sean Dietrich’s wife alone.

If all of this is not crazy or weird enough, I passed by one of our local restaurants on the way home and it had a sign out front advertising Elvira Margaritas! I cannot make this stuff up.

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