Our children’s education should be a priority

May 4, 2012 chris

What if you learned that the state had a program that could improve your child’s math and science skills so much, they could be a year ahead academically by the time they graduated? The program would make it more likely they would get into college - and get scholarships. Even if your child weren’t going to college, by participating…

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Alabama families paying too much in taxes

April 27, 2012 chris

  For the 136 years that Alabama Democrats led our state, we had the lowest taxes in the nation. Even today, Alabama collects fewer dollars in state and local taxes per person than any other place in the nation.

Yet, Alabama does not have the lowest taxes for everyone. If, for example, you work for $10 to $15 an hour,…

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It’s time to invest in our children’s education

April 20, 2012 chris
  Last Saturday, thousands of educators rallied on the steps of the state capitol to send a powerful message: It is time to invest in our schools! Educators from all over Alabama came to Montgomery hoping to stop another round of drastic cuts to their classrooms. The rally came just as the state legislature is
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Covenant Marriage bill an abuse of governmental authority

April 13, 2012 chris
  A local newspaper recently conducted an online poll to see what readers think about Senator Phil Williams covenant marriage bill that makes it more difficult to get a divorce. More than 75 percent of those who voted in the poll were opposed to covenant marriages. I was not surprised to see how the citizens
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Charter schools not the answer

April 6, 2012 chris

As a state representative, and especially as a Democrat, I am a strong believer in the value of education and the need to support our children’s schools. But I am deeply concerned about the charter school bill that has been introduced by Rep. Phil Williams and the Republican Supermajority.

While legislators should always be considering ways we can improve…

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Democrats offer solution to fully fund PACT program

March 23, 2012 chris

This year, we will see significant cuts to both the state General Fund budget and the Education Trust Fund budget. Education spending will especially suffer this year.

Education spending has been cut by 20 percent from what we spent just four years ago. We have not purchased new textbooks in years, and we have lost thousands of teachers and…

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Political witchhunt backfires on Republican Supermajority

March 16, 2012 chris

  After two years and $50 million taxpayer dollars wasted, the Alabama bingo trial has finally come to an end. This investigation was an unprecedented abuse of federal authority.

The purpose of this investigation was always about influencing the outcome of the 2010 elections. That is why no arrests or indictments were made until one month before the election.


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House Democrats use common sense to help students

March 2, 2012 chris

  Much to the chagrin of students everywhere, homework is an essential part of a good education. When students do math problems or go over a history lesson at home, homework solidifies what they learned in class.

Yet, one in five Alabama students don’t have a textbook to bring home. Many Alabama textbooks are in terrible shape because they are…

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Alabama Democrats ready to work with Republicans

February 17, 2012 chris

By State Rep. Craig Ford

Since 1993, Alabama has focused its job recruiting efforts on bringing in large companies and growing the automotive industry. These efforts started with Governor Folsom and continued under Governor Siegelman. Over a period of just a few years, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai took Alabama from dead last in the number of autos built to…

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Promises are good things and must be kept

February 9, 2012 dbrickhouse
By Craig Ford We are taught from a very early age that a promise is a promise. Alabama made a promise to teachers, nurses, prison guards, sheriff deputies, child-protection workers, and others serving in the public interest that they could have a decent retirement. Seventy years ago, the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) was created
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