New all-inclusive salon and spa Lux Loft debuts in Gadsden


From left to right, Kendall Myer, Kayla Hickman, Kelsey Hayes, Jennica Hereford and Jessica Taylor welcome clients to experience Lux Loft in Gadsden.

By Katie Bohannon, News Editor

An all-inclusive salon, complete with the rejuvenating and relaxing atmosphere of a spa, is offering locals a unique pampering experience. Located at 125 North 7th Street in Gadsden, Lux Loft’s journey began with a dream.

A trio of talented professionals – Jennica Hereford, Jessica Taylor and Kelsey Hayes – created a collaborative team who shared a singular, united vision. All possessing cosmetology expertise and coming from other salons, Hereford, Taylor and Hayes imagined a hybrid fusion of both a salon and spa. Rather than hop from place to place, the women wanted to create one shop where all services could abound.

Hereford’s passion for transforming appearances and promoting positive self-images proves lifelong. She started experimenting with her own hair at age 14 and expressing herself creatively, though she joked her parents probably did not appreciate the aftermath of her artistry, which culminated with hair color all over her bathroom.

A seasoned hairstylist with experience in the field for over a decade, Hereford values truly listening to her clients, communicating with them on their wants and needs, while providing them with professional insight and personalized assessments. She offers an assortment of services for all clients, from blonding to personalized color, cuts and hand-tied extensions.

“We never imagined [Lux Loft] would happen as fast as it did, but I am so glad we took the jump to make our dream come true,” said Hereford. “I want people to enter the doors of Lux Loft feeling relaxed and at ease, and leaving feeling like a million bucks – no matter what service they’re receiving that day.”

Taylor expanded on Lux Loft’s uniqueness, sharing that unlike other salons which might only specialize in a certain service, Lux Loft broadens its clients’ options, offering them a plethora of possibilities at affordable prices. Taylor herself specializes in brow tint, brow lamination, lash lift and tint, BB glow Nano needling facials and Hyaluron pen filler and fat dissolve.

“Lux Loft itself has only been open for [a few months], but each person has years of experience in their fields,” said Taylor. “We strive for an all exclusive atmosphere that’s clean, calming and overall pampering, while being able to unwind with what feels like old friends.”

As an experienced nail technician who specializes in acrylic nails and designs, Hayes fell into nails by accident – discovering her passion in no time at all. She shared that her goal remains to never stay stagnant. Instead, Hayes hopes to become ever-evolving in her field, continuously learning new techniques and growing to achieve her clients’ wishes.

“I hope to create a type of atmosphere where everyone can be themselves,” said Hayes. “As soon as they walk in the door, they feel accepted by everyone. I’m a very unique person, so I’ve always struggled with feeling like I fit in. Every day I walk into Lux Loft, I feel like I’m at home – and I hope everyone else feels the same way.”

Kayla Hickman serves as the salon’s massage therapist, offering massage therapy and body work sessions such as Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, hot stone and cupping. She shared that her position at Lux Loft grants her the opportunity for growth – not only as a therapist, but as a person. Hickman commended her coworkers for creating a cohesive environment and an effective team, who ceaselessly cheer for one another, helping each other succeed.

“I have always had a passion for helping people,” said Hickman. “I believe that it is so important for us to take care of our bodies, mentally and physically, so we can truly live our best life. Massage therapy lowers our stress levels, improves our overall mood, releases right muscles and improves our quality of life. When my clients come to Lux Loft, it is an uplifting retreat. They are always greeted with a smile and upbeat positivity, and leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and confident.”

Kendall Myer specializes in full body hair removal via sugaring, a hair removal method using a paste made of sugar, lemon juice and water. As opposed to traditional waxing, Myer shared that sugar emerges as a natural, environmentally-conscious and less painful hair removal method, considering sugar does not stick to live skill cells, but targets only dead skill cells and hair.

“While in cosmetology school, I learned a lot about different disorders that can cause excessive hair growth, especially in women,” said Myer. “Being a woman diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS, a condition that affects a woman’s hormone levels), I gravitated toward sugaring because of the natural and environmentally friendly properties of it. I was fortunate enough to find enough to find a job where I could get involved in sugaring. I fell in love with the art of it immediately and never looked back. Getting to work alongside some of the most amazing ladies, along with our wonderful clients, is a dream for me.”

With springtime weddings in full bloom and summer ceremonies months away, Lux Loft caters to all brides wishing for pampering in preparation of their celebrations. For brides, Myer recommended a bikini, underarm and leg sugaring at least twice prior to their wedding day. She shared that sugaring alleviates any stress of shaving, resulting in smooth skin, which makes wedding season the perfect time to start.

Myer offers a 25 percent discount for brides, half-price discount on Brazilian sugaring for first-time clients and online booking via her website Hayes shared that if booked in advance, she is willing to dedicate an entire day to serving brides and bridesmaids for all their nail needs. Taylor offers a 10 percent discount on two or more services for brides.

Lux Loft’s essence does not reside in its services alone, but in the transformative nature of its staff, who recognize that true beauty dwells deeper than the surface. Customer testimonials prove Lux Loft’s positive impact on its community, displaying how its dedicated team strive to provide all clients with quality service and unforgettable experiences. While Lux Loft’s professionals address physical appearances, their services target something greater than a reflection in a mirror. Through their collaborative efforts, Lux Loft’s team nurtures the inner beauty abounding inside all their clients, encouraging and inspiring all who walk through their doors to discover a newfound surge of confidence and a greater sense of themselves.

“A client testimony that stood out to me was, ‘The atmosphere along with the wonderful service makes me feel so relaxed and like a new woman,’” said Hickman.

“The big reveal when you hand them the mirror is the best,” said Taylor. “You can just see their self-confidence skyrocket. I once had a client that had nine foster children, worked two jobs and came in with the plea of ‘Just make me look pretty again.’ We did several services and she hugged me so tight, by the end of it she had tears in her eyes saying, ‘I can’t believe this is me.’ I almost started to cry with her. I’ll never forget that day.”

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