The legendary Addison Victoria


By Vicki Scott

Our son Joseph recently asked me and my husband Alan to pick up our youngest granddaughter Addison Victoria (a.k.a. Addie or Beans) from the softball ball field in order to give her other grandparents a break. We gladly accepted and headed that way. When we arrived at the ballfield, Addie asked me why we were there. When I told her that we were there to take a girl named Addie to our lake house, she quickly told me that her name was Addie.

Back at our lake house, I thought I would interview the girl my son calls “a legend.” When I asked Addie if I could ask her a few questions, she looked at my writing pad and asked me if I put her name on it so she could see her name. When she did, she said that I did not write her name right because it was in cursive. I printed it and she was satisfied.

The first question I asked her was, “How old are you?” She confidently told me she was four and watched me write down that information.

My next question was, “Tell me about yourself.” Addie responded with, “Can I just write something?” She then took my pen and started drawing on my notes. While she was drawing, I asked her what she liked to do. She did not look up as she responded that she liked to walk and play with her friends Charlie, Clayton and Cohen.

During this interview, I grabbed another pen and started making notes. I made a mistake in one of the sentences and crossed it out. Addie asked me why I did so, and I explained how I made a mistake. She thought about that for a moment and started crossing out other things while telling me that she made a mistake.

Then my brother Will called. He spoke about changing the world and how Addie could do that, so I asked Addie how she would change the world. After considering the question, she said she would change the world by making people happy. I asked her how she would do that, and she replied that she would play with them.

More and more, I notice children fully engaged in some kind of electronic machine, and then I hear Addie saying that wanted to play with the world. That child sure made me happy. We wound up playing all afternoon, and it changed my world, perspective on life and my soul. Grands are awesome!

Joseph asked how Addie acted when they came to pick her up

“Legendary,” I responded.

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