A farewell to Glencoe, sort of


By Vicki Scott
Thursday, June 16, was a bittersweet day as we traveled to Glencoe to do one last check on our old home and sign papers to turn our place over to the new owner. My husband Alan wanted to mow the grass one more time before the transition, while and I wanted to visit George Wallace Senior Center. Thursdays are also the days this summer that we have our oldest granddaughter, Ava Jaymes, with us. She came with us to Glencoe and then with me to the senior center while Alan cut the grass.
Our GPS led us right to the lawyer’s office, and we were done signing the papers in a matter of minutes (thank goodness). We are not actually closing until next Tuesday, but we will be in Alaska on a mission trip, of which you will read more about in a few weeks.
After signing off, we went to our place in Glencoe. Ava Jaymes had not seen it since we cleaned everything out. She walked through the rooms, staring and commenting on how big the house looked. The last time she visited, she asked where the rest of the house was. She stressed over how empty it was and asked if we were sad. I told her, “Of course we are.” After some more questioning, she and I left for the senior center.
Ava Jaymes had only been to the center once before to play bingo, and she has wanted to go back ever since then. She is shy but very comfortable with the seniors and wanted to play bingo with then. The City of Glencoe was hosting a safety meeting that Pat Hill, the center’s director, and some of the others who worked at the center had to attend. They told us to visit the seniors and that they would be back in about an hour.
That hour seemed like a few minutes. The whole visit was not long enough. Ava told me during the meeting that everyone liked me and that she could see why I hated to leave. It gets me emotional to think about it. It was the best job I ever had.
It was so nice to see everyone face to face at the center. One couple married during COVID pandemic, and the new wife did not recognize me because she only saw me masked and suited up as the seniors picked up lunches through the line. I introduced myself and I should have said “War Eagle” since her marriage is like mine. I am an Auburn fan, while Alan is for Alabama.
My “excuse” for visiting was to give Pat a book written by a lady who led Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS). She passed away from COVID-19 shortly after published the book. I enjoyed the book, and I praise God that she was able to publish it.
Pat and I stay in constant communication about everyone. She is the “go-to” person for the seniors and people like me. Pat thrives on challenges when the seniors benefit and is diligent about checking on people she has not heard from in a while. She is such a blessing to the local senior community, much more than many people realize. Pat’s job is a calling, and she stepped up when she was called. God used her to help me through the loss of my mother, and I praise Him for that help.
Several of the seniors had suffered loss, and my heart aches for them. Many of them came to us with a heavy heart in asking for specific prayers. I am not anyone special, and am no closer to God than anyone else, but I know my God can do miracles.
I feel honored to be asked to pray these prayers and am happy to do it. There were many miracles I’ve witnessed through these seniors. I’m reminded of that every time I look at one lady. Her miracles alone blow my mind, and now her daughter lived through one as well.
My heart is filled with joy every time I visit George Wallace Senior Center. I was teary-eyed when I received a text from Alan saying he was finished mowing. We went back to do one more look, backed out our car out of the driveway and closed the gate.
Note to George Wallace Senior Center seniors: we are not through visiting. Y’all cannot get rid of me that easy. When you least expect it, look out! I love and pray for y’all every day. Until next time, my dear mentors!
Vicki Scott may be contacted at lily200383@yahoo.com.


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