Gaston’s Bogle, Southside’s Webb highlight All-Messenger track and field teams


Messenger file photo by Taylor Spradley 

By Chris McCarthy, Publisher/Editor

Kodie Bogle and Kathryn Webb were point-earning machines for their respective teams this past track and field season.
Bogle, a junior at Gaston, and Webb, a senior at Southside, each competed in four events, with both student-athlete winning the first-place gold every one of those events. Between them, Bogle and Webb took home 30 medals, including 21 gold.
For that standout production and versatility, Bogle and Webb are the Athletes of the Year for the All-Messenger 2024 boys and girls track and field teams.
Bogle broke the state record in the javelin this season while capturing his third straight state championship in the event. His gold medal-winning effort of 184-00 was 10 feet longer than his first-place throw in 2023. Bogle went 8-0 in javelin competition this year and has not lost an Alabama High School Athletic Association-sanctioned javelin event since the Gadsden City Meet No. 4 of the 2023 season. Since the 2021 season, he was won 36 AHSAA-sanctioned javelin events.
Bogle also captured the gold in the high jump and triple jump this season. He also competed in the long jump, in which he won a pair of third-place bronze medals.
Webb (pictured above) earned 15 medals this past season Nine of those medals were gold – three in the high jump, three in the long jump, two in the triple jump and one in the 300-meter hurdles. She was named MVP of the Etowah County Schools meet, where she went 4-for-4 in the long jump, high jump, triple jump and 300-meter hurdles. She signed a volleyball scholarship with Snead State last fall.

All-Messenger girls track & field
Note: times and distances listed are season PRs
100-meter dash
Anna Cashman, Southside: 12.59
Karleigh Sheffield, Gadsden City; Je’Vohnna Sears, Gadsden City; Kinsey Carter, Southside:12.70
200-meter dash
Karleigh Sheffield, Gadsden City: 25.77
Kyla Price, Gadsden City: 26.06
Anna Cashman, Southside: 26.20
400-meter dash
Kyla Price, Gadsden City: 59.38
Payton Ridley, Southside: 1:02.80
Chloe Douglas, Glencoe: 1:03.72
800-meter run
Taylor Dortch, Southside: 2:28.01
Payton Ridley, Southside: 2:28.85
Allie Cone, Ashville: 2:30.11
1600-meter run
Taylor Knight, Ashville: 5:33.75
Allie Cone, Ashville: 5:42.29
Payton Ridley, Southside: 5:43.55
3200-meter run
Taylor Knight, Ashville: 12:16.10
Marlee Tucker, Southside: 12:41.12
Paten Battles, West End: 12:53.04
100-meter hurdles
Nyla Franklin, Gadsden City: 19.24
Haley Powers, Southside: 19.61
Emma Doss, Hokes Bluff: 20.32
300-meter hurdles
Kathryn Webb, Southside: 53.96
Ava Zuniga, Westbrook Christian: 55.75
Emma Doss, Hokes Bluff: 57.70
Long jump
Mariah Ragland, Gadsden City: 16-5.5
Kathryn Webb, Southside: 15-9.5
Addison Simmons, Hokes Bluff: 15-5
High jump
Nyla Franklin, Gadsden City: 5-6
Kathryn Webb, Southside: 5-0
Aaliyah Richard, Gadsden City: 4-8
Triple jump
Kathryn Webb, Southside: 31-0
Keely Massey, Ashville: 30-6.5
Haylen Marbut, Hokes Bluff: 30-5
Mya Beason, Ashville: 100-6
Maddie Sanders, Ashville: 94-7
Shelby Malone, Gaston: 92-2
Shot put
Aniyah Williams, Gadsden City: 32-6
Rylann Shaw, Southside: 32-5
Kelis Russell, Gadsden City: 31-3
Rylann Shaw, Southside: 112-2
Zahkiyla Cook, Ashville: 101-0.5
Chloe Dodd, Hokes Bluff: 99-11
Pole vault
Anzlee Farmer, Ashville: 8-6
4×100-meter relay
Gadsden City, 48.15: Karleigh Sheffield, Je Sears, Kyla Price, Mariah Ragland
Southside, 50.54: Zoie Menk, Anna Cashman, Kinsey Carter, Elizabeth Moore
Hokes Bluff, 53.37: Jenna Bradley, A. Simmons, Mary Davenport, Natalie Mooneyham
4×400-meter relay
Gadsden City, 4:09.47
Southside, 4:26.39: Zoie Menk, Emily Brown, Taylor Dortch, Payton Ridley
Ashville: 4:28.06: Alana Whiteman, Allie Cone, Taylor Knight, Riley Mathews
4×800-meter relay
Ashville, 10:25.89: Taylor Knight, Riley Matthews, Allie Cone, Alana Whiteman
Southside, 10:45.16: Taylor Dortch, Marlee Tucker, Payton Ridley, Adalyn Phillips
West End, 10:57.88: Jada Wright, Kaylee Tarpley, Karlee Tarpley, Kennedi Nix

All-Messenger boys track & field
Note: times and distances listed are season PRs
100-meter dash
Zyan Gibson, Gadsden City: 10.63
Kody Kueny, Southside: 11.04
L.J. Mostella, Coosa Christian: 11.13
200-meter dash
Zyan Gibson, Gadsden City: 22.10
Kody Kueny, Southside: 22.38
L.J. Mostella, Coosa Christian: 22.71
400-meter dash
Kody Kueny, Southside: 51.70
Caleb Davis, Gadsden City: 51.10
Kanyon White, Ashville: 51.73
800-meter run
Ryan Matthews, Ashville: 1:59.12
Evan Christopher, Southside: 2:06.91
Ethan Patterson, Hokes Bluff: 2:08.12
1600-meter run
Evan Christopher, Southside: 4:31.08
Ryan Matthews, Ashville: 4:37.84
Ethan Patterson, Hokes Bluff: 4:51.68
3200-meter run
Evan Christopher, Southside: 9:48.45
Ryan Matthews, Ashville: 10:17.72
Max Valentine, Southside: 10:42.01
110-meter hurdles
Michael Coats, Gadsden City: 16.77
Maddox Vann, Ashville: 17.48
Caleb Gallagher, Southside: 17.52
300-meter hurdles
Maddox Vann, Ashville: 43.07
Michael Coats, Gadsden City: 43.42
Caleb Gallagher, Southside: 43.45
Long jump
Tylan Sims, Gadsden City: 20-9
Caleb Gallagher, Southside: 20-7.5
Canyon McGee, Sardis: 20-5.5
Triple jump
Kodie Bogle, Gaston: 42-3
Trent Bothwell, Etowah: 41-0.5
Isaiah Collins, Gadsden City: 40-1
High jump
Parker Smith, Ashville: 6-2
Canyon McGee, Sardis: 5-10
Keaton Bean, Westbrook Christian; Kodie Bogle, Gaston: 5-10
Conner Wellingham, Hokes Bluff: 130-3
Seth Cooper, Sardis: 126-3
Parker Lemons, Hokes Bluff: 123-10.5
Shot put
Gage Garner, Sardis: 46-11
Conner Wellingham, Hokes Bluff: 43-8
Leon Chen, Hokes Bluff: 41-2
Kodie Bogle, Gaston: 184-0
Brayden Walker, Sardis: 182-2
Conner Wellingham, Hokes Bluff: 168-3
Pole vault
Garrett Spears, Ashville: 9-0
Nate Huckbay, Ashville: 9-0
Justin Jones, Ashville: 8-0
4×100-meter relay
Gadsden City, 41.97: Kerrell Yow, Zyan Gibson, Tylan Sims, Kamauri Moore
Southside, 43.25: Jordan Bryan, Gauge NeSmith, Mason Teague, Kody Kueny
Coosa Christian, 44.34: Kylen Johnson, D.J. Mackey, Eli Motes, L.J. Mostella
4×400-meter relay
Gadsden City, 3:27.98: Caleb Davis, Tylan Sims, Cameron Rolley, Jermaine Blaylock
Ashville, 3:32.18: Kanyon White, Nate Huckbay, Coby Caswell, Maddox Vann
Coosa Christian, 3:40.19: Grayson Malone, Drake Dupree, Hayden Pearce, Joseph East
4×800-meter relay
Ashville, 8:42.40: Ryan Matthews, Coby Caswell, Maddox Vann, Kanyon White
Southside, 8:49.58: Evan Christopher, Max Valentine, Jon Russell, Tanner Griggs






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