A Glencoe-to-Reeltown connection


By Vicki Scott

Words cannot properly express the appreciation I feel for Michael Morrison from East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission Area Agency on Aging.
Michael and his crew traveled all the way from Anniston to our little community of Reeltown to share a wealth of information about state and federal benefits for our seniors and caregivers. Many things have changed since my mother passed away just a few years ago, and I encourage all seniors to check these benefits out.
The EARPDC is a program that the George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe worked with when I was employed there, including the center’s nutrition program. I later learned that EARPDC serves 10 counties, including Etowah, where I used to work, Tallapoosa, where I now live. Michael Morrison was very enthusiastic during his presentation, with some of our seniors describing him as being like a car salesman. There is no doubt Michael is passionate about our senior’s well-being. The program represents many different needs for seniors and their caregivers. He said that if the need does not fit in a program EARPDC has in place, it gives them something to advocate for our seniors. Everything the agency offer is free or at minimum cost. Some of the services include legal, Senior Rx, caregiver assistance, hot meals, senior activities, ombudsman, transportation and volunteering.
After the positive experience of working with this program for six years at George Wallace Senior Center, I wanted to make sure our Reeltown seniors were exposed to what the EARPDC had to offer. I learned so much from George Wallace Senior Center. If our ministry is even close to what the center in Glencoe offers – wow! I praise God constantly for George Wallace Senior Center Director Pat Hill for hiring me and teaching me everything she could so I could pass it on. Our seniors in Reeltown feel like they already know you, Pat, and they would like to meet you.
It is so exciting to see some of what Glencoe has to offer coming our way in Reeltown. I am not sure where it all started, but the journey is still unwritten, hopefully with no end. This all might seem like an advertisement or bragging, but it has been such a blessing. Call 1-800-AGE-LINE and find out if they can bless you, too!

Vicki Scott may be contacted at lily200383@yahoo.com.

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