A hidden talent and a shrinking bladder


By Vicki Scott

Thanksgiving is a time to count blessings, share fellowship and eat.

When I first began thinking of what to share this year, I thought of my mother’s sister, Aunt Lynell. Upon my mother’s recent passing, it became more important than ever for Aunt Lynell to keep the family together. I saw my mother in Aunt Lynell as she was determined to make this happen. Aunt Lynell researched and followed the COVID-19 safety guidelines in creating a small family gathering for Thanksgiving. It was evident that a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making this event happen. Aunt Lynell cried many times as everyone she invited arrived. I praise God she accomplished this. The event is a huge blessing and is helping us cope.

Another way I cope is making people laugh. One of my dreams is to do standup comedy. At first, some people don’t know how to take my personality, because I’m rarely serious. I realized earlier this week that before COVID-19 hit, I’d been living my dream five days a week at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe. Along with the center’s director, Pat, I would tell funny stories during announcements before lunch.

Just a few weeks ago, I was discussing with Pat how I would share about my blessings if I were to do a comedy routine. I would share humorous situations that I’ve taken for granted until now.  An example would be making it to the bathroom on time, a task that has become increasingly more difficult for me over time, especially while wearing a girdle. I pull several muscles trying to put one on, and I should have known better.

The drive to Aunt Lynell’s took approximately four hours, which translates into two bathroom stops for blessings – Burger King in Opelika and McDonald’s in Eufaula. My mother would stop at McDonald’s before we arrived at Aunt Lynell’s house. We could use the McDonald’s restroom as to not begin our visit in the restroom when we arrived at my aunt’s house. We would also get a snack in order to hinder us from going for the food instead of fellowshipping. My mother was a brilliant woman!

Thanksgiving should be celebrated every day, which is more apparent to me as we approach the 11-year anniversary of my father’s passing.

God tells us to focus on what is good, and I praise God for blessing my life with such a loving family and all of those precious memories.

I praise God for Aunt Lynell for stepping up and taking charge of the task of keeping our family together and orchestrating this event. Lastly, but not to be taken lightly, I praise Him for every one of my bathroom bles-sings.

Stay safe, y’all!

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