A lack of communication and a mystery solved


By Vicki Scott

About a month ago, my brother stopped calling me, cold turkey. That scared me because he is the one God has called to keep check on us and peace in our family. He is good at it and has the biggest heart in comparison to my baby brother and me. I thought I might have made him mad, which is the last thing I wanted to do, but I tend to be good at it.

So my brother didn’t return my calls, and when I texted, he responded with one-word answers.  My mind went crazy! I kept wondering what I did wrong this time. I asked him if I made him mad, and he texted back, “Naw!”

“Naw” was the perfect word to ease my mind for a little while, but days went by without a phone call from my brother. I asked around and no one else had heard from him, either, but I was still perplexed. I’m his sister and he called me every day. He had not even called my husband. I was more than curious.

About 10 minutes before I made my last phone call before the mystery was solved, it dawned on me that there might be a girl involved. My bother doesn’t hold a grudge this long. He wouldn’t stop calling, anyway, and never has since he gave his life to the Lord. This was the only thing that made sense. When he didn’t answer the phone again, I told my husband what I thought.

Shortly afterwards, the phone rang. It was my brother! I was so excited to hear from him that I lost the ability to stop talking. I just rambled on and on. He kept repeating my name where he could get a word in and finally told someone in the background, a lady, to say something.

She did, and I was silent for a moment. I then told her to say something else, and she did. My brother seems to have a girlfriend! He might not have said her name on purpose but he did, and I immediately said my goodbyes and went on Facebook. I sometimes hear people call this behavior “stalking,” but I call it research. 

This concerned my brother and I do care about him, so I checked the girlfriend out on Facebook. I hope she doesn’t find out about me and my research tendencies, because I like her and don’t want to scare her off.

When I didn’t hear from my daughter, I told my husband. He would not even let me finish before he said, “She’s busy, don’t start!”

I guess I need to stop jumping to conclusions and assuming people are mad at me. I love my family and I praise God for this girlfriend. I just need to hear from my brother occasionally, because I need peace.

I wonder if I’ll ever get to meet her?

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