A shoe story for the ages


By Vicki Scott

My co-worker Faye at the George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe was ready to go on a shopping adventure last Saturday to get some special shoes in the Birmingham area. Our co-worker Deidre heard about our previous adventure and wanted to go with us. Our director Pat Hill had other plans and did not join us. Anyone who ever watched the Golden Girls would be able to picture our adventures, because chaos seems to follow us in every endeavor inside and outside the center. I cannot make this stuff up. 

Saturday started out normal. We left at our usual time and arrived at the shopping place without a hitch. The store is busy. I told Faye and Deidre that we were going to have to fight for attention, but we were patient in waiting for our turn.

A little young fellow wearing shorts in the freezing weather asked us what we needed, and we told him we needed some shoes.  I needed to replace mine and Faye had a gift card. Deidre was new, so they needed to watch her walk to decide on the type shoes she needed. We are on our feet almost the entire time we are at work at the center, so shoes play an important part in what we do. We told Shorts Guy all of this information at the same time. He seemed a little frazzled. 

After a few questions, Shorts Guy went to the back and returned with three pairs of shoes each for Faye and me.

Faye did not like bright colored shoes. I did, but I wanted some that were on sale. Shorts Guy bought me some ugly colored pink ones that I tried on. Even though I like pink, I could not see myself wearing those shoes. They hurt on the side, so I tried on the only other pair that was on sale. It rubbed a little at my heal but I put it in a pile as a possibility.

Shorts Guy eventually traded us off to a guy appropriately dressed for the weather. He walked over to Deidre and watched her walk.  Deidre’s doctor told her that she needed Hoka brand shoes, so Appropriately Dressed Guy brought her out several pairs to try on. She bought two of them and was excited.

Meanwhile, Faye was trying on her shoes and found the perfect pair.  She gave them to Appropriately Dressed Guy, who laid them down for a minute to answer some questions for me.  I wanted to make sure that I got the shoes that were on sale and wanted a trade-in discount for my old shoes. Faye chimed in that she wanted a discount as well. 

We discussed this matter, and I wanted to make sure I was buying the shoes that fit me the best.  I looked down and saw some gray shoes in my pile but could not remember trying them on. I tried them on, and they fit perfectly. I decided to continue wearing them because I was trading in my old shoes and buying another pair that was on sale.

While I was at the counter paying, Faye was looking for her shoes. The Shorts Guy and Deidre were searching all the boxes for her shoes. When I finished paying, Deidre noticed that my shoes looked just like the ones Faye wanted. At first, I jokingly told her they were not coming off my feet. I then offered to give them to Faye, but she did not want to take them from me. I guess there was a reason why I did not remember trying on the shoes.

The sales guys went to the back of the store to try to find more shoes just like the gray ones. There were no more but they found shoes that Faye settled for. I felt bad but my feet felt so good.  It was worth all the accusations of stealing Faye’s shoes from my so-called friends and co-workers.

God has really blessed me with awesome co-workers and dear friends. They said they were not taking me shopping anymore, but I still love them and enjoy every adventure with them. I’m still wondering why Pat did not cancel her plans and come. Stay safe, y’all!

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