A three-hour car ride, Mimi on the Phone and treat negotiations


By Vicki Scott

Starting last Saturday, it was that time of the year – “Nana Camp” time!

I should call it “Nana and Poppa Camp.” My husband Alan took the week off work to share this momentous occasion, and I am very appreciative. My daughter is so nervous about us watching her kids. She suggested we take them to day care during the day to give us a break. I am not good with kids, but I am very anti-day care.

Saturday at 11 a.m. was the designated time frame for our adventure to begin. We decided to drive the “grands” to Glencoe for all the exciting festivities. Naptime seemed to be the best time to attempt the three-hour trip. Our 11month-old granddaughter, Tyler Kate, slept two of the three hours but her sister, three-year old Saylor Rhea, was wide awake the whole trip. She was so excited that she would not leave the house in fear of missing our arrival.

When Tyler Kate woke up, Saylor had to take a break. The problem was, we were on the interstate with no gas station in sight. The traffic was also slow due to construction. Tension was on and my blood pressure was up. I discovered that I could climb to the back seat from the front while traveling down the interstate while my husband was asking if she needed to stop. I sat between them and tried to amuse Tyler Kate, my little strawberry blonde spitfire. I praise God we found a rest stop, where we found out that Tyler Kate needed a break, too! We bought them a snack and drink, and after a few moments of stretching out, we headed toward Glencoe.

However, Tyler Kate soon was livid. Saylor was watching “Mini on the Phone” but got tired of it, so I put the phone in front of Tyler Kate. She eventually calmed down, and she and Saylor Rhea watched “Mini on the Phone” for a little while. Saylor Rhea kept talking about the splash pad, which she still remembered it from last year. We decided to go to the splash pad right after we got into Glencoe, because it was due to close around 4 p.m. and we were cutting it close.

Eva said that Tyler Kate took her first step the other day but she still did her “walk-crawl” toward the water at the splash pad. She seems to think she is old enough to do everything her sister does. With grandparents like us, I guess she can, as we all got wet! We closed the splash pad down and headed toward the playground for a while.

At home, I brought out cover and arranged the table to make forts. When I directed Saylor Rhea’s attention to the fort, she nonchalantly told me that it was not a fort, it was a table. I politely – and shamefully – took down my fort and put everything away.

Saylor Rhea wanted to give our dogs Sandy (or “Sammy”) and Reba a treat, so we went outside and give them treats. Saylor decided she wanted treats as well, but I told her that she needed to eat supper first.

“What do you have?” she asks me. 

“I have what your mother sent with me to give you,” I replied. “She said you would like it.”

Saylor Rhea looked at me sideways and shook her head.  She did not want what her mom had sent her to eat but Tyler Kate ate some. After some fierce negotiating, the three-year-old finally ate some supper. She bargained for her treat halfway through, but I stood firm. She had to eat the whole nutria-grain bar and finish her chocolate milk before the treat. I could see now why my daughter might be nervous.

Around Tyler Kate’s bedtime, she had had enough and went right to sleep. Saylor Rhea made me wonder if I was going to make it to the end of this Nana and Poppa Camp. Her Poppa blew up an air mattress and started throwing Saylor on it while she laughed. I told them they had to calm down!

“Mini on the Phone” not only calmed her down but knocked her out! I praise God for “Mini on the Phone!” Daycare is not looking so bad right now, but I must be strong. This endeavor is stronger than I am. Please pray for us!

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