A visitation, the three-legged dog and a pretend Oak Ridge Boy


By Vicki Scott

One of our neighbors in Dadeville was laid to rest this past week. He will be missed. This gentleman was the same man who enlightened me on who Willie Golden was of the Oak Ridge Boys. The look on my face must have told on me when the man told me that William Golden’s sister lived next door to him. I can’t imagine what went through his mind when he realized I had no idea who Mr. Golden was.

That day was over 10 years ago, and thanks to a picture Ximena Freeman recently sent me, Willie “Mountain Man” Golden has changed since then. She sent me the picture because I asked a certain man at the local restaurant – who made me think of the younger Willie Golden – what his name was. He wanted to know why, and I told him. I might be profiling, because I find myself asking all men who have long beards if their last name is Golden. Along with ZZ Top, I’m a Duck Dynasty fan but their sister is not my neighbor!

With this information, I would like to share my experience at my neighbor’s visitation. There were so many people at this well-loved man’s visitation that parking was spread to nearby resident’s yards. Even though a nearby resident offered parking in his yard, I still had to sweet-talk his three-legged dog before I found my place in the long line.

Standing about four people in front of me was my former boss and his wife, whom I wanted to speak to. I didn’t want to lose my place in line, so I decided I would catch them afterwards. I did get to speak to their daughter on her way out.

The time finally came when I saw my Dadeville neighbor, Fletcher Boles, along with his wife, Pat. On my way to hug Pat, I snagged a hug from one of their daughters. The whole family seemed exhausted, and Pat seemed very appreciative for my presence. It was music to my ears we discussed how Fletcher and I would yell across the water at each other while in conversation. He was so friendly and he talked to everyone.

Then it happened.

“Well, there’s another one of our neighbors,” Pat said.

I turned around, and it turned out to be the man from the local restaurant who I thought was William Golden!

I was speechless; I thought I would never see him again!

“Okay Vicki,” I thought. “You seem to have a familiar face, so play that card if you need to. It’s your voice that is unique, so don’t talk!”

My face must have told on me again, because he said, “I’m the one with the black lab.”

I looked at him funny, and Pat informed him that we don’t live there full-time and that I probably had not seen his dog. I shook my head in agreement, told him that it was nice to meet him and hurried back toward the three-legged dog. I didn’t even try to talk to my former bosses. Actuality, I forgot.

I have seen his black lab twice now. Since he’s my neighbor, I feel like I might have to explain the whole thing him at some point. I think I’m going to wait and see if he remembers and then explain.

We sure are going to miss you, Fletcher Boles. I’m sure he would enjoy what all transpired right in front of him. It might be possible that he was laughing the whole time. I know he would have if he could, and even added to the laughter. Prayers are lifted for his awesome family during this time. I love y’all!

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