An honor system for the dishonorable


By Vicki Scott

Easter time is the beginning of the chaos of people visiting Lake Logan Martin here in Dadeville. Neighborhood houses have been sold and/or renovated for rental purposes and the lights were on in all those houses this past weekend. Boats and wave runners were out roughing up the still waters and local businesses picked up. It made me think of a time when I wished for 150 acres with a house right in the middle of the property. I truly believe I could have become a hermit.

My husband and I went to Walmart this past week. It had been a while since I had been there, and there were several employees in the isles with carts or buggies holding lists and putting items together for pick-up orders.

After finding what we wanted, we went to pay, only to discover a long line in the self-check-out line. Feeling frustrated, we headed to the lawn and garden section, where to our luck there was a live cashier ready and waiting to check our items out. To me, self-check-out is like an honor system for the dishonorable.

One would hope people would scan and check out all their items, but how would one know? I’ve used self-checkout several times, and each time a store clerk has had to come and fix something. More and more, I order online from Amazon, Sam’s Club and Walmart. After my last experience at Walmart, I would rather have my purchases delivered to me.

When my husband and I do venture out to shop, we feel a need to eat out as well. A certain restaurant we visited following the above Walmart experience did not even have workers up front. So we ordered from a kiosk, which was a disaster.

We then went to a restaurant that had people up at the front counter. A lady from the back of the restaurant came up front and took our order, along with several other customers. Since we love tacos so much, we tried it again and learned to use the kiosks.

Door Dash is a hoot. How does that work anyway? While waiting for my order, I’ve seen on several occasions when a Door Dash order on the counter is waiting for someone to pick it up. I like to eat out and return home to a clean house. If we must learn to use a kiosk, so be it.

Times like these make me crave seclusion, but then I remember my desire to eat out and how much I need to be around family and friends. If I have a house full of those folks, nothing else matters. Their noise and laughter are a song to my soul, and I praise God that a house in the middle of 150 acres never worked out. He knew where I needed to be, which was being surrounded by family and friends in a place to enjoy life.

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