Another Vicki, an irate judge and the driving school blues


By Vicki Scott

This last week, one of our senior volunteers shared a story with us that I want to share with you. Our director, Pat, here at George Wallace Senior Center was with me when I heard it, and we laughed so hard my jaw started hurting. I know I am not going to be as funny as she was, but I am going to try.

Vicki is the name of our volunteer with the story – no relation. She had recently been ticketed for speeding. She learned that by attending driving school, she could get the ticket written off her records so that insurance would not increase. In her quest for more information, she found that the costs involved would be worth her effort. The only problem was she had to go to court, and the judge had to approve her plan. She signed up to go to court.

When she arrived, the courtroom was packed. She was wondering if she made the right decision and almost decided to just pay the ticket and go home. The judge came in and made some requests for certain cases to be postponed, and several went home.
When the court cleared, three lines were formed to keep order in the courtroom. She had to get some paperwork in the first long line and then stayed in the second one to stand in front of the judge.

The judge looked at Vicki and asked when the last time was that she had received a speeding ticket. She told him about 40 years ago. The judge shouted, “Get out of my courtroom!” She stood there and tried to explain how she wanted to take the driving classes, and before she could finish, he yelled again for her to get out of his courtroom.

Vicki pleaded with the judge, expressing concern that her insurance did not need to increase. She wanted to take the driving classes. She waited to see him for hours and was very frustrated at these results.

The judge finally told Vicki that he had dismissed her case. She asked again about the driving classes because it did not need to be on her record. He informed her it would be stricken from the record and told her to get out again. She left this time.

When Vicki left, Pat told me something similar happened to her. Pat is the type that would make sure everything was in order before she left too. I praise God it worked out for them, and I enjoyed both stories as well. If reading about her story made you laugh, you should hear the other Vicki tell it.

Stay safe y’all, and do not speed.

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