Back in Yellow Jacket country


By Vicki Scott

Our recent visit to this area was exciting. We went past our former home in Glencoe next to Independence Field and saw our former neighbor and co-worker Faye’s house, which was being cleaned out by the new owners. My prayers for the new owners are for many wonderful memories.

My husband Alan and I first went to my eye appointment in Gadsden, which I was emotional about. It turned out that I have cataracts that need attention, and surgery is scheduled for next month. In last week’s column, I mentioned that I love every excuse to come to Glencoe.

I should have been more specific with my excuses and not said “every.” I do not plan to visit again until my follow-up appointment.

On our way to the George Wallace Senior Center off Hwy. 431, we saw Tammy Jones’ vehicle parked at Cove Creek Baptist Church, so we just had to stop by. There were several ladies that needed prayers and my prayers go out to them, along with all these precious people. They have been such a blessing to us.

After we said our “hellos” and “good-byes,” we trekked to the well-loved senior center, where there were many familiar faces and necks to hug. Some folks did not remember me, and I expected that, but it was still heart-wrenching. God’s training told me to just introduce myself as if we never met. I did that, but oh, the hurt! I did not cry, praise God. No one needed to see that. Glencoe is so blessed!

That visit reminded me of a time when I visited a church member who had dementia in a facility. It was first time I had witnessed dementia to the point I was not recognized by a person who knew me well. His face did not light up like it used to when he saw me. One of my former Sunday school students has an identical twin, and the only way I can tell them apart is when my former student’s face lights up in recognition when she sees me. I’ve only met her sister two times, and she never recognizes me. I look forward to that look in all my seniors and everyone I see. It is a special blessing when I see that look in my grandchildren. That look makes my heart flutter with joy.

There were quite a lot of those looks when I sat at the table with some of the seniors who were engaged in deep conversation. They became sidetracked because of my presence. Peggy said I came for her birthday (Happy birthday, Peggy!), while Jerry Skinner reminded me that we share the same birthday. I promised him that I’d come back for our birthday celebration. The center’s director, Pat Hill, invited me in her office in order to update me on everyone. She knows how I feel about them, and we share the same passion. I love all those seniors so stinking much! I wanted to stay for a while, but my time manager (Alan) said we had to go.

When Alan worked at Goodyear, I had time to stay at the center until closing, which I did most of the time. I loved just hanging out there, and I hope to bring this atmosphere to our area in Dadeville – a place for our seniors to hang out and a place where people like me get excited to be able to visit.

Y’all are such a blessing. Stay safe!

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