Bending but not breaking a New Year’s resolution


By Vicki Scott

Eight days is about how long this year’s New Year’s resolution lasted, so I think I did pretty well.
I decided I was going to refrain from sweets, and I successfully avoided cookies and cream ice cream during one of our seniors’ birthday celebration at George Wallace Senior Center, as well as our usual Wednesday donuts.
I swelled with pride, but then it happened.
This past Saturday, I was looking at a food gift we bought to give to someone for Christmas. We decided not to give it away because the chocolate in it had melted. There the treat sat on the table, calling my name. My husband Alan left me alone with the gift containing the melted chocolate, which all disappeared. I am not confessing, but what a struggle!
One of my darling granddaughters saw me changing shirts. She gasped while asking, “Nana, what happened?”
“I ate too much, baby,” I replied.
After considering my reply, my granddaughter wondered if it was chocolate that I ate too much of. I told her it was and asked her to pray for me. She announced that since she loves chocolate, she would not pray for me (she calls it “chocowate.”) My grands!
On Facebook, an ad for Dry Bar Comedy popped up with Leanne Morgan. Dry Bar Comedy is clean comedy, and I have become addicted. Leanne Morgan is hilarious! One time she made the comment that she was glad Weight Watchers does not have a limit on how many times one can join. I think she said that she joined nine times and lost seven pounds. I praise God that I can start over as many times as I need to!
George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe has T.O.P.S. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), which I joined when I finally found where the center was located. When I left briefly the center to care for my mother, I left T.O.P.S. as well. The only problem I have with rejoining T.O.P.S. is
because line dancing meets at the same time as T.O.P.S. on Tuesdays at 1 p.m. I love both meetings – what a dilemma! It is such a blessing to have this choice.
Of all the people I could blame for failing on my resolution, I know where the blame lies. This time, however, I am not beating myself up as much since I have not given up. I’ve also accepted the fact that I love “chocowate,” and there is no limit to how many times I can join Weight Watchers or T.O.P.S.

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