Bible study, dominoes and God’s purpose for us


By Vicki Scott

My mom has days when she loves where she lives and some days when she does not. Making the decision to move her to assisted living was very difficult and emotional. On her bad days, I wonder if I made the right decision. Then, on her good days, I know that I did.

One day I went to pick mom up on what I thought was a bad day. It probably was, since she was upset with her domino playing buddy.

Soon after my mother moved in to the assisted living facility, she was given a bible study class to teach on Wednesdays. Another lady taught bible study on Fridays. The thing about my mom is that she is living proof that God’s word is eternal. Even though her memory is declining, when she starts teaching about the bible her memory is still intact. I have sat and listened to my mother several times without her even realizing I was there. She sings from the hymnal from memory, as well. It just amazes me!

When I walked in the assisted living facility, the bible study was over and my mom was pacing the floor in her room. I asked her what was wrong, and she said that her domino buddy did not attend her bible study class. Her buddy said that she overslept, and Mom told her that if she didn’t have time for bible study, she didn’t have time for dominoes!

I tried to persuade mom to forgive the poor lady for oversleeping. Mom forgave her but told her that she would not play dominoes until she came to the bible study. Mom would not budge, so I let it go.

The next Saturday, I went to visit mom and take her out to eat. When we got back, I told her that we had time for dominoes but I had promised her domino buddy that I would let her know when we came to play. Thankfully, mom wanted me to be true to my word, and so our buddy was able to play. I woke the poor lady up, but she was so excited to be able to play that it was worth it. 

The on-duty nurse told me that the lady came to bible study that Friday. When I informed my mom of this development, she replied, “I know, but she hasn’t come to mine.”

The nurse said that as far as she was aware of, that was the first bible study that the lady had ever been to! This is proof that God has a purpose for my mom and that she is still doing God’s work.  I heard somewhere that, “He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” God is definitely using my mom.

After sharing this situation with mom’s Sunday School class, I think my mom realized that God is using her. When we arrived at the door to the assisted living facility, her domino buddy was there to let her in.

Earlier this week, my mother shared about another lady who does not want to hear about religion. Mom is in the process of devising a creative strategy of sharing the Gospel with this lady. This makes for an awesome day!

My mon and I both have good days and bad days on this emotional roller coaster called life. I know this is where she needs to be, and I praise God for the support of my family and friends through all of this. On behalf of my brothers Will and Jay and myself, I praise God for every person who has been good to our mother. We love her so much, and when you do good things for her, we feel like you have done so for as well for us – thanks!   

While I am thinking about it, Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! Never forget how important you are, even when your children are grown!

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