Blame it on the book mode


By Vicki Scott

My friend LaShanne Baker has been asking what was wrong with me over the past three weeks. She and my husband Alan are good at noticing when something is awry with this crazy mind of mine. While at home I’ve been separating myself from the rest of the world with my computer and a glass of Diet Coke.

In all honesty, my heart has been burdened with finishing my second book.

Things have been falling into place, and I’ve told LaShanne that I’m in book mode, which is hard to explain except to say it is different. It’s like I’m in a different world all of the time. I cannot communicate very well, and my mind is full of information organizing. I’ve been trying to get the information written down so that it could leave my head and allow room for yet more information. I need to stop explaining, since I’m starting to confuse myself.

One of the things that entered my mind was finding a hummingbird expert in order to confirm information I’ve found. Our senior group in Reeltown is called Hummingbirds for a reason, and I pray my reasoning is correct, because this book might change direction if I’m wrong. It took about five minutes to find a local hummingbird expert on Facebook, and he accepted my friend request. The next day – I repeat, the next day – at senior exercise class, one of the ladies approached me with her phone. It was the same hummingbird expert I found the day before!

Book mode has gotten me where I cannot sleep without dreaming about the next move. I’m in book mode and I ain’t right.

The cover of the book has been designed and saved, and the manuscript should be ready for editing by the end of the week (if the Lord is willing, of course). I thought the book was ready earlier this week, but, during my time with God that I enjoy almost every morning before Alan gets up, I found that I was wrong. If that was not enough, another book is organizing in my head. I pray it will come to fruition and will be a blessing to many people.

I received further confirmation to finish this second when I received a message from one of the ladies from our adult senior community. She said she was given a copy of my first book, She Made a Difference, Anyway, and realized she knew my mother while attending Troy. They worked together at the university’s dining hall. This would have been before I was born and before the accident that caused my mom’s dementia when I was three years old.

I begged the nice lady to share her memories of my mom with me, as I never knew the lady she knew. Through this lady’s recollections, I pray I get to know how my mom was before the accident. The nice lady saw my mom a couple of times after her accident when she was in Dadeville, and my mom told her that she did not remember some things. The mother I did know was amazing, but I miss the version of my mother whom I never knew.

Since I’m fully in book modem, this column may not make a whole lot of sense. I’m also out of Diet Coke. Oh, my head hurts! Please pray for me and the ones who must put up with my behavior. I pray this new book is worth all the trouble and that I’m on good terms with everyone who helped make the last one a success. Love y’all!

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