Casting on the Coosa: Fending off autograph seekers and a few sound bites


By Marty Dixon/Staff Correspondent

Since we last spoke, I got in a few days of decent fishing. Of course, I extended my streak of misfortunes by setting my hook into a tree on two different occasions. I managed to keep my composure and fished an area that I had not fished at a while.
My patience was rewarded when I caught several spotted bass flipping blow downs along the river’s edge. I also landed a pair of nice spotted bass while working down the bank. I eventually ran across an area that had nice drop and decided to throw the crankbait down it. I was rewarded with a couple of bonus fish.
As I moved down the bank, however, I hung up and lost the one crankbait that I had caught a fish or two on. After that incident, I kept on flipping and caught a couple more fish in the wood. One of those fish was a solid 2.5-pound spot. All in all, I was a productive trip. My one regret was not skipping over the grass areas and not just fishing the wood cover; it could have saved some time.
That night we kept our granddaughter, Hurricane Anna, so I came in early. I planned on fishing early Saturday morning for a few hours before everyone was up and going. I even slept in my recliner so I wouldn’t wake anyone. That was the plan, and, as usual, I love it when a plan doesn’t come to fruition. At 5 a.m., I was up playing blocks with Hurricane Anna. I held out hope that she would go back to bed so I could slip out for a while.
It wasn’t to be. That young lady held strong all morning and beat me into the ground playing blocks (and with anything else we could find to tear up) while we watched one of many kids movies.
I managed to glance out the kitchen window to see The Chief fishing by The Point, so at least I had that working for me. The hurricane and I did manage to enjoy a boat ride and a long swim in the inflatable pool and fed the ducks before I went to Silver Lakes for work.
I fished a little bit more before the weekend was over and ran into Mike Slade, a former co-worker and fellow river rat. He and his partner sought my autograph due to my recent stardom and massive popularity in my pathetic attempt at writing this column. Since I’m way to important for that, I denied their request. Seriously, was great to see them out on the water.
At any rate, it was a short fishing trip since the boat traffic was awful. Brother Butch went out later and had good afternoon in the grass with a jig.
I managed another trip or two on Monday and Wed-nesday, with little success. Tuesday was Pop’s day to keep Anna and Finley, and they beat me into the ground like a railroad spike.
I fished the Wednesday tournament with Kade Kitchens, a good fisherman and good young man. We bombed but I enjoyed the company and fishing out of his boat. Kade missed a couple of good fish, but everything else we caught was shorties.
In Tuesday’s tournament, first place went to Lucas and Michael with 7.34 pounds and a big fish of 5.07 pounds; second place went to Colby and Heath with 7.06 pounds; and third place went to Jeff and Terry Tucker with 7.02 pounds.
In Wednesday’s tournament, first place went to Tucker and Canon with 8.71 pounds; second place went to Sonny and Walter with 6.84 pounds; and third place went to Scott with 6.49 pounds and big fish of 4.28 pounds.
A reminder that we have a FLW-Toyota series event on the river September 2-4, so the fish will see a little of everything from those guys. We have several local fishermen participating in the tournament, including Kade and Terry Tucker. The Casting for Cancer tournament is scheduled for Saturday, September 5. I think Butch and I will fish that one, and maybe we’ll have some new video for bass junky. I hope that it is catching and not just fishing.
Until next time, tight lines, and if you know of a good fishing spot, please let me know. I ain’t to proud to beg. See you on the water.
Marty Dixon is a 1982 Sardis High School graduate and retired high school educator and coach. He was head coach of the Gadsden State women’s basketball team from 2015 to 2019. He and his wife Texann live in Gadsden. He can be contacted at and the Neely Henry Bass Fishing page on Facebook.

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