Casting on the Coosa: Fishing with the Bass Whisperer


By Marty Dixon

I had a much better week than the previous two. The Bass Savage Aluminum Stump Jumper is back in service, thanks to Brown’s Outboard. I was unable to fish much after I got it back since I had to work the weekend at Silver Lakes for a golf tournament, but I managed to fish some each day this week.

As per the tournament results, it appears fishing has picked up for some. I wish I could say I was one of those who landed a few, but unfortunately, I cannot. Flipping the grass seems to be the norm for most of the boats I’ve seen, and a few spots can be caught on some of the points mid-river when you have a little bit of current. I’ve heard of a few reports of fish being taken on topwater early in the morning. So far, the frog bite still seems to be a little bit off or behind normal.

I would be remiss if I did not report some of the more interesting stupidity I managed to accomplish this past week. I managed to drive off with the trolling motor down, not once but twice, giving myself a much-needed shower. I do not know how many fishermen actually do this, but I seem to accomplish it frequently in trying to get from point A to point B in too big of a hurry.

I also managed to tangle up and hang up half the rods I own every time I went out. During the Wednesday evening tournament while fishing with Bass Whisperer and lure designer Butch Dixon, my younger brother, I had to fix, retie and unhang my fishing rod about half the time we were out there.

We did not weigh in since we only had two keepers that Butch caught, but we did catch a few fish. As per usual of late, I missed one late in the day that would have at least sent us to the weigh-in instead of to the supper table. The bad thing is that I fished Tuesday afternoon alone, just for fun, and had eight or nine pounds with my best three fish.
It seems that I’m always a day late and a dollar short in a fishing tournament, but I’m no quitter — I’ll keep chasing those little green swimming machines regardless, because that is half the fun. Although I would prefer that a few more decently sized fish would run into my lure on occasion.

We did have another willow fly hatch in the mid-river area Tuesday night. We located three different fish hatches, not including the one I walked into in my boat house. All of the hatches I’ve seen have been large. I just follow the birds dive-bombing them along the river’s edge.

I need to wind this up because it’s time to lay down and not sleep. On the subject of getting up early to fish in the morning, if you see me, don’t speak to me. I hate everything in the morning until I get the first fish on the hook. After accomplishing that, my mood dramatically improves.

I’m trying to find a few fish for the Gadsden Super Tournament this Saturday. A big thanks to the city and the parks and recreation department for sponsoring the tournament each year. I’d also like to mention Jim Bridenbaugh, aka Chief, for his work in putting on the Tuesday and Wednesday evening tournaments out of Coosa Landing each week.

Tuesday tournament results: first place was Brown and Mark with 10.42 pounds and big fish of 5.01; second place was Derick and Dennis with 7.74 pounds; third place was Kade Kitchens with 7.36 pounds. Thirty-three boats participated.

Wednesday tournament results: first place was Tray and Harrison with 12.27; second place was Joseph and James with 10.76 pounds and a big fish of 5.14 pounds; third place was Lynn Johnson with 9.60 pounds.

Until next time, wet a hook and enjoy our lake. With a lot of luck and some sharp hooks, maybe we can cash in Saturday. See you out on the lake.

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