Casting on the Coosa: Of bass chasers and cold rear ends


By Marty Dixon/Staff correspondent 

It has been a while – since early June, in fact – since my last foray into the journalism ranks, although what I do hardly qualifies as journalism; it’s rather more of the ramblings of old fisherman and grandpa. I took a break for a while but I’m trying to get back going. It’s a bit late, but this officially is my post-Thanksgiving column.
I’m still fishing some, just not near as much as before. I do plan to try and fish through the winter months, that is if my old cold-natured butt can stand it. The water temperatures in the Coosa River have been on a steady cool down, while the water level is down about a foot or so. We caught a few on moving baits near hard cover about a week ago and managed to put four or five in the boat during a two-hour trip. Everything I caught came on a flat side square bill crankbait. Bear in mind that was a little over a week ago. I’ve managed to mess up a knee and endure a stomach virus since then, so needless to say, I’ve stayed close to home.
Brother Butch has caught a few off and on doing something similar. I did see a big catch last Sunday posted on my Facebook site. The guys caught several and some had some size.
This time of year is kind of a double-edge sword for me. I love that not many boats or jet skis are on the water, but I truly hate cold weather. This time of year, you can have a whole section of lake to yourself, so every day is a battle to decide whether or not I want to freeze to do what I really love to do. If I could only import some beach weather and warm temperatures into my boat, I’d have the best of both worlds.
I’ve had the chance to enjoy some boathouse fish-ing with granddaughter Anna, a.k.a. The Hurricane, and grandson Finley. Anna gets after it when we fish, especially if we get a few bites. Finley, on the other hand, wants to get one of Pops’ old fishing rods and frail the water as hard as possible. I hope to keep them both interested so I’ll have a partner or two when I can’t get around very well.
Since Thanksgiving has just passed us by, allow me to send out a few thanks. A big one goes to Brother Butch for hanging in there and fishing with me this year. It was tough on him fishing with a giant albatross like myself as a partner. We still manage to gripe and laugh plenty, and even on the terrible days, Butch is still entertaining.
A shout out to Honest Eric Hubbard, who is rolling a new sled out on the water. You can’t hide money, Eric!
Tim “The Bass Chaser” Heard also gets a yell. He fished his first tournament this year. Unfortunately for him, it was with me (next time pick a better partner, Tim). I let us down, but I enjoyed the fishing the benefit tournament for Jamey. Tim is a good dude and class act who really should get a medallion for his volunteer work and secret charity work.
This has nothing to do with fishing, but a special thank you is in order for Chief Bridenbaugh. He recently took time from his day to make one of my very special girls happy by showing up at the house dressed as Santa. You’re a class act, Chief, both on and off the water.
Last and not least, thanks to my wife Texann for listening to my complaints and putting up with all of the time I spend out on the water. Many thanks to her for letting me slide on some household chores to spend the time on the water.
`That’s about it for this time. I’d like to continue writing some, hopefully two or three times a month. If you see me on the water in the old Javelin sparkle boat, come by and say hello.
Until next time, warm weather and tight lines to all.
Marty Dixon is a 1982 Sardis High School graduate and retired high school educator and coach. He was head coach of the Gadsden State women’s basketball team from 2015 to 2019. He and his wife Texann live in Gadsden. He can be contacted at and the Neely Henry Bass Fishing page on Facebook.

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