Casting on the Coosa – Uncooperative fish and a lack of good fortune


By Marty Dixon/Staff correspondent 
Author’s note: This week’s column contains little or no valuable fishing information. Continue reading at your own risk.
Since last week, I’ve fished a total of three hours and recorded zero catches. I mostly stayed close to home and fooled around with a jerkbait. The fish were evidently jerks because they would not bite it. The water has been dingy and moving and the temperature has been on a steady decline, ranging from 47 to 49 degrees. Other than that, I can’t give you much more information. If you can run up on some shad pushed into an area, you can catch some fish. It has not been my good fortune to do so, however.
I’ve also been steadily working on my tackle and storage to try and keep myself motivated. Right now, Brother Butch and I are looking around at some tournament trails or club to fish in this year. Most of the trails in this area fish off from Neely Henry more than I’d like to, and we’ve narrowed it down to two or three.
I’m still planning to fish with The Chief and the guys as much as possible. The Chief is a good guy and runs a good deal on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I plan on fishing the Gadsden City Tournament again this year. I think the date has been set for April 2. Please check with Julie at Coosa Landing for that information.
Anyone with fishing re-ports or information can message or e-mail me. I could us some information on the lower end, for sure. Tournament result and such would also be appreciated. These columns may be spaced out for a while, de-pending on my ability to get out on the river or obtain in-formation from some of the guys.
If you do get out the river, go prepared. It is al-ways easier to take off a jacket than be miserable out there on the lake. It doesn’t hurt to carry extra clothes, especially if you accidentally take a dive overboard in this cold water. Don’t think that it can’t happen to you. I thought as much myself several years ago and fell overboard while I was alone. I managed to get back into the boat and strip off and sling on some clothes I had stuffed in the storage bin. The people in that cove may never recover from that unfortunate sight, but better that than me suffering from hypothermia.
Until next time, stay warm and tight lines.
Marty Dixon is a 1982 Sardis High School graduate and retired high school educator and coach. He was head coach of the Gadsden State women’s basketball team from 2015 to 2019. He and his wife Texann live in Gadsden. He can be contacted at and the Neely Henry Bass Fishing page on Facebook. 

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