Changes on the horizon


By Vicki Scott

Easter is in two weeks, and our world at the Scott House has been turned upside down.

If anyone is not facing major changes during this time of COVID-19, I would love to hear you share. Every time I turn on the radio, I hear Chris Stapleton sing, “Starting Over.” I do not know all the words, but the title alone sums everything up for me. My problem is that I worry about everything.

The word “worry” should not be in my vocabulary, since I know God’s will is what is best for me and everyone else. God never said that it would be easy and being obedient to God’s will is difficult for me. I love Glencoe and working at the best job I have ever had at the George Wallace Senior Center, but God is pulling us back to our home in Dadeville. However, there are many memories and life lessons I plan to take with me.

I have friends that I feel would love to line dance and there will be some gospel singing somewhere. I plan to sing as loud as I can, especially when they sing “The Old Gospel Ship.” I cannot wait until I see the look on people’s faces, especially my children. I need to make up for all the embarrassing situations they have witnessed because of me.

Our seniors at the center taught me not be afraid. I am still worrying, but I not as much as I was before my adventures began. I did not realize how active I was until my body started aching and causing me grief. I cannot even walk a trail now, but I know from experience what lack of exercise will do to you. Thanks to some advice from one of our precious senior couples at the center, I always keep an ample supply of Emu Oil on hand.

If the Lord is willing, the center will be open to the public soon and the activities will be starting back. We have not yet moved, and my husband Alan is planning to volunteer if he is around. I might hang out if they will let me on his volunteer days and have fun without any worries.

Who am I kidding? I always worry. But I do know that Sunday is coming!

My last day at the center is scheduled to be April 1. Good Friday is the next day and the beginning of something new. I recently heard Van Zant sing, “If you wanna hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.” Nothing has gone as planned so far so I will need to keep that in my mind.

We left Dadeville to live in Glencoe almost nine years ago. When we moved out of our home, we had two children in college and a cat. We will return with two dogs to meet our cat. Our children have moved out and both have two children of their own. Starting over, it is getting real.  I’m nervous and anxious about every aspect of the changes ahead, but I know Sunday is coming. I am a different person now because of the opportunities, and I praise God, Pat, Faith and Margie for praying for me and Pat for hiring me on at the center.

With all that Jesus did for my sins alone, I will continue to strive to be obedient. I pray for God’s will. Any situation or change is nothing compared to what Jesus did for us, and without Him, I am nothing. I praise God for life – past, present and future. 

Stay safe, y’all.

Remember, Sunday’s coming!

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