Christmas was indeed merry; let’s bring on the new year!


By Vicki Scott

Hopefully everyone had a Merry Christmas this year. I was blessed with much more than I deserved. This article is my first one typed on my very own laptop! My darling husband must have gotten tired of me “borrowing” his computer on my trips to my moms for typing.

My beautiful daughter Eva blogs, and we were discussing how not having our own computer slows us down from our “real” writing. Eva wants to blog professionally, and I, of course, want to finish writing my book. With all of my excuses, my former boss Pat at the George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe said she could see why it takes so long to write a book. I don’t know if our husbands were conspiring or tired of hearing all our talk with no action, but here we are with new laptops and no excuses. Whatever gets the job done.

I spent the first few days on my new laptop playing games, which are in good working order. I played several times to make sure, because I can’t write a good book if the games don’t work!

My daughter texted me and is working on her website. She already has categories and blogs to download! I can’t believe all of the advice she was giving me and the websites to visit. Even though I checked things out, we are going in different directions with our new computers. I was still in game mode. I wonder if she knows anything about the games?

After a while I started feeling guilty, but not enough to return to writing the book. I thought I would start writing this article to make at least a little writing progress. I might be taking procrastinating to a new level, but I feel progress in the making!

Oh, my goodness, I just noticed something – I can dictate! Look out! Let me see how this works… this is awesome! I love this dictation! Is this really writing, though? It seems to understand me, accent and all!

Now that both my daughter and I have our new toys, we can encourage each another to accomplish our goals. Our spouses do all they can, and we are very blessed. My daughter was one that God used to lead me to know Him, and maybe He will use her to lead to this blessing, as well. She’s very convincing!

I would like to thank my very patient and supportive husband, and I’m ready to bring on the new year!

Happy New Year, y’all!

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