City of Glencoe, I love you so…


By Vicki Scott

Glencoe, the City of Patriotism, has taken a piece of my heart that I didn’t want her to have.

I don’t know exactly where to start.

I guess I could tell you it was with devastation in my soul that we moved here. I mean, I was a little excited and ready for change. Due to closings and cutbacks, we lost both our jobs and my dad. I know now that God had to move us to put us where He wanted us. I was supposed to “bloom where I was planted” while leaving behind family and friends and everything we knew.

I didn’t do a very good job of blooming, however. My heart was broken, and I cried every day for a long time.

We thought we would be here a year, maybe two, so I didn’t take the time to try to get to know anyone. We lived in an apartment for a year, and during that time Brian Baccus invited us to Cove Creek Baptist Church in Glencoe. He was the only one from the apartments that reached out to us. I know God didn’t want to confuse us.

This past Sunday at Cove Creek, I enjoyed watching young people step up, as we are looking for a new pastor. The youngsters all did an awesome job and blessed my heart so. I needed that!

The icing on the cake was when the last song was “Amazing Grace.” It even ended with the last verse as “Praise God, Praise God…” to the tune of Amazing Grace. That is exactly how we sing that song at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe on Fridays during our gospel singing!

I still say “we” because some of my heart is still there. It is hard to express how much of my heart was repaired and filled by all these people. I guess sometimes a heart must be broken where God can fill it.

It was at the senior center that this writing experience started, and 122-plus articles later, I am still in awe of the blessings that happened right here in Glencoe. While living here, I travel back to Dadeville talking with excitement about people and experiences in Glencoe, only to realize that there are people there from here; they see the connection!

One of our friends from Tallassee, whose whole family has a career in the military, posted a picture of the flags waving on the Hwy. 431 median on Facebook. I knew when I saw the picture that he was passing through Glencoe. He was touched so much that he had to post it. I was so honored to tell him we lived here.

Just riding through Glencoe on Hwy. 431, one will be blessed by at least two things – the American flags in memory of our veterans fly on patriotic holidays and the Christian flag flying high and proud all the time!

I just love our Mayor, Charles Gilchrist, and his team! Our City of Patriotism honors not only our military veterans but God in love and action! I just thought my heart was full before. I’m not crying; it’s my allergies. Thanks, Glencoe!

While I’m thinking about it, my husband Alan wanted me to tell you that on Tuesdays and Fridays, RSVP is doing taxes from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  This is a free service at George Wallace Senior Center. That is right in our price range, and these knowledgeable ladies do a wonderful job. Come see us! I mean, go see them!

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