Cold suppers and passed out in-laws


By Vicki Scott

I’m not sure which day carried the most craziness this past weekend, which started out on Friday with our oldest daughter Eva bringing our grandchildren over to spend the night. Our daughter-in-law Machi would then take them to a birthday party the next day at 10 a.m.

When the grandchildren arrived, I told them I was going to take a walk with their Uncle Joe, also known as our son Joseph and Machi’s husband. He said to meet at 5:15 at the park, which is located inside a gated community (the walking track winds around a playground).

I asked him to text me when he arrived. 5:19 rolled around, so I texted him. He said he would be there in 25 minutes. I thought he was still at work and did not know that he was already at the park. So I waited at the house along with two excited grandchildren.

At about 5:50, I again text Joseph, who apologetically noted our miscommunication and said that he was headed home. It was now getting dark. My husband Alan said it was too late to go to the park, but the grands were so sad, and we loaded up and went there for a little while. Thankfully, it walking trail was lit. No harm was done, except for Alan’s supper, which was cold when we got back home.

Bedtime with the grands is a hoot. I do not know about other people’s grandchildren, but ours prefer not to sleep. However, they met us halfway and were willing to sleep in our treehouse. At least they tried. Luckily, playing on the playground was enough to make our little darlings tired enough to sleep.

When I had received any more details about a birthday party on Saturday morning, I loaded the grands in a wagon after breakfast and went on a walk. Soon after we get down the road a ways, Joseph calls and says they are going to be at our house in 20 minutes to pick up the kids for the party. I responded with a “What!?” Joseph said that I had known about it. I explained how I thought they were going to get in touch with me about said party. I guess they did so 20 minutes beforehand.

Alan asked when they would be back, and they said they would take the kiddies to a baby shower at 4 p.m. that we all were attending. Surprisingly, Alan and I had the rest of the day free. Friends came over and we went out to eat and gallivant. Improvise and adapt is our motto.

The baby shower turned out to be a huge success. Our sister-in-law always goes overboard, and this event was no different. Our children and three of our grandchildren were there. The event went well until our children started talking about the miscommunications, with me being the common denominator. Why did we even have kids? I admit they are a blessing.

Alan and his brother Steve are motorcycle enthusiasts. Alan is always complaining that Steve has more motorcycles that he does, bless his heart. My sister-in-law would like Alan and Steve to spend more quality time with their motorcycles, as do I. At any rate, we left the baby shower spiritually and physically full, and I slept well that night.

Alan’s aunt recently passed away and her funeral was this past Sunday. Alan decided to skip church so as not to be rushed to show our respects. Instead attending church, we watched the service live on Facebook. When our service was done, Alan went to the Facebook page where his brother and sister-in-law go to church. Steve was leading communion, and he passed out.

I immediately texted my sister-in-law. She told me that an ambulance came checked Steve’s vital signs, asked a bunch of questions and let him go home to rest. She wanted to know how I found out so quick. When I told her, the video was taken off Facebook.

Before I started writing this column, my brother called me. When I told him about Steve passing out, he reminded me that our father passed out before they found out he had a brain tumor. We are praying that everything is okay with Steve and his passing out was just a fluke.

It is crazy how much my children and I are freaking out about it since Steve is only two years older than Alan. I thought I was being weird because it was as if Alan himself had passed out, until my daughter said the same thing. She told her daddy that if he should pass out, he would go directly to the hospital and get checked out, even if she had to carry him on her back. Alan told Eva to get ready to do so. Eva informed him that if she could put platinum in his bloodstream to make him outlive her, she would so.

Stay safe, y’all!

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