Consumers prepare for Black Friday sales


 Jacqueline Chandler

Messenger Correspondent

It’s that time of year again when thousands of consumers take to the streets looking for bargains on their holiday purchases. Black Friday was considered the single most profitable shopping day of the year, however now sales begin early and end later, making this an even more profitable time for retail giants. 

The extension of sales also brings a criticism from consumer and employee alike, cutting into Thanksgiving evening when families traditionally gather to spend quality time. A tradition that has been shortened by the hunger of retail profits but has likewise grown due to the consumer’s drive to save money during a time when for most families, every penny counts.  

Some consumers avoid the early morning crowds believing that prices are raised before being slashed to look like impressive deals. Other individuals simply don’t believe that the savings are worth the long lines and chaos that often comes with frenzied customers. 

For those that do brave the crowds for savings on Black Friday, one thing is certain; it isn’t for the faint of heart. 

“You get really great deals that you can’t pass up,” said local mother Kristina Beck. “I even get a little bit of a rush from the excitement.” 

Beck admits that sometimes people get out of hand during the sales but overall, she enjoys the experience. She has participated in Black Friday for the past 13 years and shows no sign of stopping. 

One of Beck’s main purchases this year is the 50-inch television set from Walmart for $218, a deal that surely only comes once a year. Luckily, it’s a one hour guarantee so Beck won’t have to fight crowds in order to make sure she brings that special gift home for the family.  

No matter your opinion on Black Friday, this year is sure to bring some excitement to participants and maybe a great deal on a gift that you might recieve on Christmas day.

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