Dulcimers, resin and sweet ladies


By Vicki Scott

Our son Joseph recently asked me to go to the main office in the neighborhood where he lives and pay his annual fees. He transferred money into my account, of course, and I had time, so I agreed to take care of it for him. He is not spoiled (too bad). I told Joseph that I would go Tuesday, but my Monday plans fell through and I decided to go that day.

Of all the annoying things I do as a mom, I think Joseph appreciates the fact that I ask a lot of questions. There were two fees that were voluntary. After questioning the new employee at the neighborhood office and waiting several times for her to get back from asking her superior, I was comfortable enough with the information to text Joseph and explain all the fees.

While waiting for my little man to answer my text with an explanation and directions, I decided to use their facilities. It turned out that the restrooms were downstairs, so I started that way.

On my way to the restrooms, I crossed paths with a sweet little lady who sounded excited as she asked if I was going downstairs. I told her of my destination, and she sounded disappointed. The sweet little lady then told me about the art class held downstairs on Mondays, which intern got me excited. I’m always on the lookout for activities for our seniors, and this art class sounded like a possibility.

My text came in from Joseph, who had decided that he wanted to pay all the fees. I trekked back upstairs to write a check. While getting that taken care of, I asked the new girl if we had to live in the neighborhood to go to the art class downstairs. She left to ask her superior (of course) and gave me the contact person to call and find out. I immediately went to my car and called the number.

A man answered and said the art class lady was not at home. When I explained my intentions, he told me she was in that class at that moment and I should go talk to her. I re-entered the building and busted into the art class, because that is what I do when I get excited. I called out the lady’s name, and that sweet little lady that I met upstairs spoke up and said that we did not have to live in the neighborhood in order to participate.

While I was sharing my excitement and talking who knows what, I found another sweet little lady whose daughter was giving dulcimer lessons. Needless to say, that raised my excitement to another level. The dulcimer is a musical instrument I learned about while I was living in Glencoe. These lessons were yet another thing I planned to share with our seniors in Dadeville. I confirmed that I needed to do so after that sweet lady asked me if I knew some people who might want to attend the class.

The next day, we had our monthly senior luncheon, during which I shared my findings. Several seniors have expressed interest, and we will see how it all works out.

Joseph called later in the day to thank me again for taking care of all the fees for him, and I thanked him for asking me to do it. He needed an explanation and he got one!

This week the art class is doing work with resin, which I learned about from Joseph. He preserved a rose for me from my mother’s memorial. A coincidence? I think not!

Vicki may be contacted at lily200383@yahoo.com.

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