Easter Sunday at the Scotts and a compliment at the Waffle House


By Vicki Scott

Easter is very humbling to me as I think about what Jesus endured on the cross because of His love for us. I can’t imagine how his mother and those people around that time who loved Him might have felt, watching helplessly and losing someone who loved them so much. In His victory overcoming death, we celebrate life. In life, we experience His love, a love that can only be experienced and not explained. With love, we enjoy life.

With this mindset, my husband Alan and I decided to visit Lake Martin Baptist Church where my mother attends for Easter service. My brother Will took her to church for Sunday School only to find out they were not having Sunday School. Will called me as we were riding through Talladega on our way to Dadeville. They decided to go get a biscuit and return, and we decided to get a biscuit, too.  Mom said, “Romans 16:16 says, ‘greet everyone with a holy kiss.’ I’m going to greet you with a kiss!” I laughed and said okay.

When we arrived, mom hugged us, explained Romans 16:16 and then kissed us. She seemed to enjoy it because we watched her go and hug everyone, say something and then kiss them on the cheek or forehead! Will noticed that she missed a few people, but never fear – he pointed them out to her and away she went! We laughed.

Before I realized it, people were coming up and greeting us with a hug and holy kiss! I love my mom’s church – they are so good to her!

After church, we went to our lake house and met with our children and grandchildren along with some dear friends and Will and mom. We ate, hid and hunted eggs, played and napped.

Outside while playing, my “grands,” Ava Jaymes and Saylor Rhea, made up a game with hula hoops. They let me play with them, and I was honored. I love to see them squeal with laughter, and there was a lot of that with this game. After a few minutes, my son Joseph came in to check on us and he ended up playing the game with us, too. He is such a good daddy and uncle. I treasure these moments but they wore this “Nana” out!

On the way back home to Glencoe, we stopped at Waffle House in Lincoln. The waitress told me I was pretty. I did feel pretty – pretty blessed! Shortly afterwards, our waitress had a confrontation with a difficult customer. I felt so bad for that waitress. I pray for both ladies.  Jesus died for every one of us. I pray that they both experience God’s love.

Resurrection Day must have been amazing after what was witnessed in Jesus’ death. He is risen.  He is alive.  He is alive in my mother. He is alive in my family. He is alive in my life. He gave me life. He is life. I praise God for loving all of us so much.

Thank you, and I hope y’all had an amazing Easter. I am praying for you!

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