Food, fellowship and fine seasoning at Jack’s


By Vicki Scott

I’m not saying that I eat at Jack’s every morning, but when I started out of the driveway yesterday morning with my husband Alan, my cell phone alerted me that the Jack’s that we were going to was 20 minutes away. How did the cell phone know which Jack’s we were going to? I did not do anything to retrieve this information. 

In every Jack’s that I‘ve had the pleasure of spending time eating breakfast, I have noticed that each one of the restaurants feature a big round table full of retired – or seasoned – men that I like to call “The Silver Dollar Table.” I occasionally see a seasoned lady but it’s rare. 

The gentlemen eat and fellowship with each other while seemingly solving all the world’s problems. I love to see this interaction, because I know how important it is to get out and enjoy good fellowship. Being that my husband has graduated to the “seasoned” level, I also know that seniors get a discount on their drinks. We love those senior discounts!

In some of the Jack’s restaurants, I know the seniors like the one in Hokes Bluff. Several of the volunteers at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe eat breakfast at that particular Jack’s.   We take turns harassing each other, because that’s what we do. I see people from church sometimes and chat. It’s like a club for the silver elite. I love it!

It is very seldom for me to see someone at these silver dollar tables using a cell phone or become distracted by modern technology. These get-togethers are 100 percent fellowship; hence silver dollar – 100 cents! It makes sense in my head. I can’t imagine the history shared among each of these individuals. Young people are missing a tremendous opportunity to learn firsthand about things that happened in their lifetime. There have been many young people pass right by on their way somewhere else. What a shame!

One day on our way out from the Jack’s in Dadeville, one of the Silver Dollar Table regulars approached us and started talking. He knew my mom and my husband, and it was a joy to hear him talk about his church. His hobby is gardening and he enjoys giving people tomatoes from his garden. He shared how people enjoy his tomatoes, and I could tell he loves making people happy. He ended the conversation by inviting us to his church. What a guy and what a ministry!

As long as I am able – and if my husband will wake me up – I will have the honor of witnessing the salt of the “Silver Dollar Table” at Jack’s. It is possible that we have eaten in every Jack’s available; if not, I’m still alive and still eating.

All of the Jack’s restaurants have a Silver Dollar Table full of regulars. If you can, sit close and listen to them, or better yet, talk to them. They are a hoot! The salt of the earth is right at your neighborhood Jack’s!

We are losing so much “seasoning” with our increasing use of cell phones. It makes me a little nervous that our cell phones can monitor every move we make. I praise God that none of this modern technology was around when I was young, and I bet I could muster up an “Amen!” from the wise Silver Dollar Table regulars.

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