Fried nerves and fried chicken


By Vicki Scott

Our first Veterans Day program at First Dadeville Baptist Church is this Sunday, and my anxiety is getting the better of me.

I’m trying to put together a program like the ones we had at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe. I want so much to give our seniors here in Dadeville everything I can, because they deserve it, especially our veterans.

It does help to have a pastor and his wife that are both military veterans. It is an honor to do this program, but there have been many obstacles. Not bad obstacles, but obstacles, nonetheless. One issue was having the luncheon on November 11 instead of during the week of Thanksgiving, which took two weeks off preparation time.

Our pastor graciously volunteered his wife to be the speaker, and she agreed to do so when I asked her. I’m trying not to put any more work on our pastor or his wife unless there is a dire need, but he did volunteer his wife. Both do more work for our church than many people realize. They are not the type that shout from the rooftop while tooting their own horns. Most of the things they do go unnoticed, and I hate that. They are a true blessing!

We scheduled a speaker for the event. I then wanted someone to post and retire the colors, which is a beautiful symbol that I love to watch in a ceremony. The color guard essentially march in uniform with the American flag, post it and retrieve it at the end of the ceremony.

I did not know of anyone to ask to perform this task, but God did. We held trunk or treat at our church on Halloween and one of our children’s childhood friends brought his children. When he told us he was in the military, I immediately asked him to present and retire the colors. He said he would be honored.

He also said that it was weird that our church came to his mind and made him want to bring his kids to trick or treat. He wanted his children to visit the church that raised him. Wow! This church raised our children, too! It made me think of another person who was raised in our church and joined the military. He was recently deployed, but our pastor thinks he is back home. I watched his mother give birth to him, and I praise God for the man he has become.

Our church’s music leader volunteered when I asked her to do what she could with the music for the ceremony. With modern technology, we can stream songs if we need to, and I should be able to get with her to get some pointers on what we can do.

My husband Alan and I are currently watching the grandchildren, so I want to take a break and focus on them. They might even help me on some Veterans Day ideas. We will see. The goody bags, bingo prizes and stuff to play bingo with are ready to go. I just need to get my act together putting together an agenda for the program. Alan told me not to make the program too long because everybody will want to eat. No pressure there. That reminds me – I must remember to order some fried chicken. We are Baptists, after all.

Our first Veterans Day program might not be like the one at George Wallace Senior Center, but our veterans will be honored, and we will have bingo.

Stay safe, y’all, and Happy Veterans Day to our military veterans! God has been pouring out His blessings!

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