Fun in the stands, sharing the love at Jack’s and searching for footwear


By Vicki Scott

Last Saturday, my husband Alan and I backed out our driveway with plans to pick my mother up and take her to Auburn to find some shoes. She decided she is now an Alabama fan. I hope she can suffer through a trip to Auburn University, my alma mater, to buy shoes. Bless her heart!

Our dog Sandy looked so sad as we were leaving, and it broke my heart. She usually looks like a yellow lab, even though her mom is a border collie, but today her face looked like a sad hound dog as we were leaving.

I was in tears as I asked my husband if he thought dogs went to heaven. There was a discussion between some dog lovers during lunch Friday at the George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe, and I wanted to get my husband’s input. I cannot go outside without Sandy urging me to walk, and she sings when I come home.

These past few weeks, Sandy has tried to get in the car with me as I try to leave for work. My tears got worse as I told my husband that dogs should go to heaven before I do. I do not have an answer for whether dogs go to heaven, but Alan said the right thing to ease my mind. I forgot what it was he said, but it was what I needed to hear at the time. He is so good at that, and I praise God for him.

My mind trailed on to the Glencoe High School football game the night before. After work, we decided to go to the game instead of traveling to south-central Alabama, and I am glad we did.

We can walk to Glencoe football field. On our way, there was a dog who could not see outside of his fence unless he stood up on his hind legs like a human. I laughed as I walked past this animal standing straight up. He looked at least six feet tall and barked like he owned the place.

At the football game, I saw a lady from our church sitting in the stands close by. She did not see us as we sat down. She looked like she was in “La La” land, and I decided to have some fun. I took her picture with my phone and texted it to her.

I told Alan what I did, and we watched as she checked her phone and looked around.  It was so much fun! I looked for other people I knew and had their phone number! One can never predict what my mind concocts! We laughed and laughed.

Our car and my phone seem to know our Saturday routine. My phone tells me how long it takes to get to the Jack’s in Ohatchee, and the car seems to gravitate to the turning lane when we get to the red light in front of the restaurant. There is an elderly gentleman that comes in almost every time we eat there and says hello to everyone. It is obvious that he knows the Lord and loves Him dearly. He livens the spirit and atmosphere of Jack’s and makes it a joyful experience every time. Everyone knows him and calls him by name.

He reminds me of my mom, as she is called by name everywhere I take her. Her love for God shines and brings smiles on so many faces. I love watching the reaction from people she encounters. The elderly gentleman brings the same reactions. They both are such a blessing.  I praise God for them both, along with the biscuit and gravy.

Upon arrival at my mom’s retirement home a lady is playing the piano while a gentleman is singing. Even though mom would rather be home, this place she is living has been such a blessing. She grabs her purse and we head out toward the car.

Our first stop was dropping Alan off at our lake house, where he could play with his motorcycles before the Alabama football game. He is an Alabama fan, and Auburn might be too much for him.

We decided to go to the Colonial Mall in Auburn to track down some shoes to fit mom’s needs and/or wants.

I treasure moments like this; it feels more like quality time. It is like she is on a mission, and I love to watch her search for that perfect shoe. I could not believe the ones she picked out, but they were what she wanted, so that is what she got. The shoes were cute but not what I thought she would have picked out.

Time flew by, and I took mom back to her home. The place was having a pre-game tailgate party. How fun! My mom put her stuff in her room, hugged me and then joined the party. I went to join Alan while he was watching the game. I returned to find a sad fellow, because he could not get the game on our television. We drove back to Glencoe in time to watch the last half of the Alabama game and the entire Auburn game. Sandy was thrilled!

During the Alabama game, my mom called and thanked me for such a good time. I guess my newly-decided Alabama fan of a mom suffered through her trip to Auburn and survived. Bless her heart!

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