God really knew what I needed


By Vicki Scott

Week 1 of my exercise classes – begrudgingly taught by yours truly – has finished up, and I praise God it went well. I use the word “begrudgingly” because I did not know what to expect in this lakeside community just south of Alex City.

It had been a long time since I taught an exercise class, and I did not know my target audience with the exception of LaShanne, who is a longtime friend I’ve previously mentioned in this column.

I could do a whole stand-up comedy act about adventures LaShanne and I have endured. She was a member of a walking group when my husband Alan and I moved from Glencoe back to Dadeville, and she invited me to join in. I’m sure LaShanne had no idea what was in store for her in this facet of our friendship.

When I first felt led to start some activities for seniors, I was thinking more around the lake area, but it turned out that LaShanne, Alan and God were looking at Reeltown. God knew what He was doing and who to use to persuade me. I do not know how many times I expressed doubts with all three of the above, but we now have a senior exercise program in our area. LaShanne, Alan and God all worked behind the scenes in leading people to come to the classes, and people indeed came. I praise God I did not run any off!

Several people said they were coming to the classes and did not show up. Every time I saw some of those folks, they shared the reasons for not coming. If all of these were able to attend, our class would be huge. If the non-attendees see good results from those who participate, I think their excuses will become obsolete.

We are just getting the class started, so a lot of people are sore. But they will continue to attend, if God is willing. I can just hear Pat Hill, the director of the George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe, saying, “He is willing!” I have learned so much from Pat.

Several folks in our exercise group wish to go see a movie, so We plan to go on Tuesdays during the theater’s discount day. I love going to the movies, and I pray that this will be another good habit for our senior community. The seniors here seem ready for action, and several local churches are now involved in the exercise program. I had no idea the response would be so intense. Some folks wanted their picture posted on Facebook, and we had so much fun doing that. There is no telling what is next in store, but I’m ready and I am excited.

We’ve been planning to go several places to present more possible activities for the seniors. LaShanne wants to snatch up her husband and go with us. She is on fire and is the one person I needed to know first as I get to know the others from the community. Alan has also jumped in and helped with cleaning up and loading and unloading. He has always been supportive in all my ventures (except getting a camper, which is a story for another time).

I praise God for everyone involved in getting me to this point in our new exercise program. The adventures are just beginning in Reeltown for our seniors, and we’re ready now for Week 2! Stay safe y’all, and thanks to everyone for your prayers!

Vicki Scott may be contacted at lily200383@yahoo.com.

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