God speaks through hummingbirds


By Vicki Scott

Earlier this week, I clipped and filed my fingernails on our lakeside porch. It was early in the morning, and the water was still and very quiet. A hummingbird flew by, and I heard its wings hum! I ‘d never thought to listen for something like that and could not believe it when I did hear it. In my subsequent research on hummingbirds, I found that their wings flap so fast that they make a humming noise.

Some dead limbs hang right in front of our porch window that the hummingbirds like to perch on. I sometimes will be alone in my thoughts and look toward those limbs, only to see a hummingbird sitting there and looking my way. I’ve wondered many times what those birds might be thinking.

I call our senior group The Hummingbirds. They seem to like that name, as some come into our exercise session flapping their wings. I decided on the name because of the fictional story of the hummingbird and the forest fire, wherein a hummingbird was trying to put out the forest fire by filling its tiny beak with water from a creek. The other animals in the forest were teasing the bird, saying, “You will never put out that fire; it’s too big!” The hummingbird replied, “I am doing all I can.”

When our seniors meet, we call it the “Gathering of The Hummingbirds.” I soon found it to be an oxymoron, as hummingbirds do not flock together. When there are several hummingbirds in the same place, they are usually after food. Otherwise, hummingbirds live alone. Mating is basically a hit and run, or fly, as it were. The birds are loyal to where the food is located and remember the best spots for feeding.

Being a member of the Baptist faith, I’ve learned that First Baptist of Reeltown has some of the best cooks around. We gather for fried chicken, turkey, home-made German chocolate cake, green beans, corn casserole and sweet potato dumplings, just to name a few. I will stop here since my stomach is starting to growl! When cooking, these church ladies do all they can, because the results are phenomenal. The lady who made the sweet potato dumplings gave me her recipe.

It makes me laugh when my husband Alan leaves every church gathering with a to-go plate. I did not realize that the ladies of our church made it especially for him (I may need to keep my eyes on him).

Alan played the role of Jesus in the church’s play for six years in a row. Even though that was more than 20 years ago, many of the older women still look at Alan as Jesus. We were reminded of this when we recently visited some shut-ins. They all felt the need to hug Alan, and I was told it felt as though they were hugging Jesus. Maybe I should start acting nicer to Alan.

Our pastor recently spoke on listening to God and about how to know when God speaking to us. I know that God has led me to this point, and I’m overwhelmed at the blessings He has poured out. Starting or re-starting this senior program in Reeltown has my mind flapping more than a hummingbird’s wings, and I’m learning to listen for God through these hummingbirds.

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalms 46:10 KJV)

Vicki Scott may be contacted at lily200383@yahoo.com.

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