God’s love is unlike any other


By Vicki Scott

The Easter season has been celebrated, and I ‘m still in awe of all the blessings bestowed upon us that rippled from the glorious day our Savior rose. When I taught school, I would ask people to speak at our Fellowship of Christian Students meetings every Wednesday. In one case, we heard from a Jewish Christian. I asked him what the difference was from Jewish beliefs and Christian. He quickly explained that it was the love. Love does a lot of things to a person.

Christmas and Easter are the holidays with the highest attendance, followed by Mother’s Day and Homecoming Day. When I perused Facebook, I saw many pictures of families and thoughts of loved ones. It reminds me of the blessings we enjoy year around. As I thought through this, I remembered the time before I came know Jesus.

I used to work at Morrison’s Cafeteria, which was in the mall in Auburn. I was a waitress at first and then a cashier until I married the man who took me away from all of that. I did not go to church, and none of my family did. I worked every Sunday and all holidays, including Easter and Christmas. None of the above meant anything to me. I did not know what the big deal was.

My husband Alan was a Christian when we met but he did not pressure me to go to church. Setting a good example, he did not stop going himself. My brother Jay started going to church and eventually shared the gospel with me somewhat, but it was not until the birth of our daughter Eva that started me thinking about changing my perspective on life, which was when I started to really understand love. By the time we had two babies, I wanted them to know the Bible, but for our children to know it, I had to learn myself. Love did that to me.

The day I decided to follow Jesus, I walked up the aisle along with Alan. Even though he did not have to, Alan was baptized with me. That was love. I wanted God to be the center of my life and family because somehow, I knew that was what I needed. God knew what I needed – His kind of love, not the love that I thought was real. We currently are attending the same church we were baptized in.

Such thoughts make Christmas and Easter more special every year as our children have grown up and now have their own children who surprise us at church year-round and on holidays. God has truly blessed us beyond my imagination with this love thing. I do not deserve it, but I strive to not disappoint Him as I walk daily representing the one who made me.

Prayers are lifted for each one of you. I hope your Easter was an Agape blessing that lasts year around.

Stay safe, y’all!

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