God’s Word revealed – An attitude of gratitude


By John Larkins

A movie named “Teahouse of the August Moon” offered an antidote for stress in times of adversity: “Suffering causes man pain, pain makes man think, thinking makes man wise, wisdom makes life endurable.” A recent article in an influential newspaper carried an article titled “A surprising way to stay resilient.” Theodore Roosevelt is said to have advised, “Take your part and trust in God.”  Taken together these ideas may boost our morale in these unsettling times. Some authorities have concluded that we are now in a “post-Christian” world.  They conclude that references to God, either as a producer or healer of tragedy is no longer relevant. Please be warned that what man thinks about God, when He does not behave according to popular recipes of “Good,” is totally irrelevant to God. In the modern mind only “personal” truth is found.  Absolute truth, given by God, is discounted as “outdated” or no longer relevant. So, we see preachers who no longer refer to God’s revealed truth in the Bible. It only seems fair to warn you that if this passes for religion in your book, you are being cheated. These preachers are setting you up for a conversion to Satan’s way of replacing God’s law with cynical defiance that will result for us the same as Adam and Eve in eternal punishment. Furthermore, if the people who sell you political policies deliberately contradict the United States Constitution, especially regarding the source of our status as free people, we are being groomed as slaves.  Democrat Communist doctrine requires that the Party be revered the final authority on what we may do and not do, since our freedom comes or goes, from the Party. These creatures disavow “the consent of the governed” (that‘s us) and contend that we are merely sheep to be managed, because we are too stupid to decide how to live our lives.

Those of us who are now converted to slavery status are told that our Government will decide how much money we should retain, and the Federal rulers will give us the designated income and we are not allowed to keep any more, the excess will be taxed away to some more deserving person or group.  Our pseudo religious leaders will switch the worship of God to providing material support to those who have less than they wish. So, do we take the position that politics are separate from religion? How can truth be masked as “out of date” while lies are the “woke” response? Jesus taught that we should “give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.” Listen to Satan: Government policy will dictate how many genders we have. No longer may we say as we read in the Bible, “man and woman, He created them.” Our school’s have been ordered to stop teaching science and start teaching propaganda, useful to controlling us slaves. We should confiscate wealth from those who lawfully earn it and give to those shouting “I deserve it!” The many citizens who live in fear of their lives, surrounded by gangsters and perverts, have law enforcement taken away from them by liars who “defund the police.” The convicted criminals are released to prey on their neighbors, again. What better training for all of us to become slaves to the Democrat Communists.

The many parables Jesus taught concerning the value of hard work and careful investing are nullified by taking from those who earn rewards and giving to those who are foolish or lazy. This concept applies to eternal rewards also. Will we abandon God, dispute and revile His words? Will we turn or backs on His laws? He said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” Jesus came to rescue us by the treasure His Father gave Him as the Savior. Will we, 2000 years after He gave us His Church to dispense His mercy, disgrace ourselves and Him by embracing Communism? Do we fool ourselves by calling it something other than sin? Please consider adopting an “attitude of gratitude” for Jesus Christ the Savior and His gift of eternal salvation! Worship Him, not His rivals. 

For the past 15 years, John Larkins has evan-gelized on the street, door-to-door, in tent revivals and in church situations. Contact him at johnlarkins@bellsouth.net.

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