God’s Word revealed for us – Repent, rejoice and follow Him


By John Larkins

We recently discussed the real Christmas scene with the newborn savior, His parents and the visitors who witnessed the birth of Jesus. Only Mary, the mother of God, actually knew that her child was God and the long-prophesied messiah. Even she did not understand the details of His future mission or know exactly how this mission was to be done. It was enough for Mary to nurture and protect Jesus until His Father’s work could be done.

Let us take the advantage of our understanding, supported by writings meant to inspire us, to catch a glimpse of how Christ’s mission is working today. The Bible records enough to grasp the process. When He was about 30 years of age, after He had announced a great deal of what had to be done in order to convert the world, then and now, to the Holy Way, think about the following scene.

Jesus is approaching Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. Amazingly, the crowds honor Him in a way that reminds us of how King David was greeted many years earlier. In the midst of all the joyous demonstrations of respect and love, a reality exists in Christ’s mind. In about 40 years, the Romans will destroy the Temple, and much of the city and perhaps 200,000 Jews will be killed. Jesus sees that the Jews will not follow through and convert to The Way.

We get another clue at the Crucifixion. When Jesus dies, the curtain in the inner sanctum of the Temple is torn from top to bottom. God is no longer in the Temple. Jesus forever will be present in the Church He established.  As He approached Jerusalem, “And when He was come near, He beheld the city, and wept over it.” (Luke 19:41).

Those who reject the message of The Way will suffer eternal separation from God. Study the Bible. Examine false teachings presented to you by teachers claiming that Jesus does not expect you to follow His teachings. Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep My commandments.” In this New Year, rejoice, repent and follow Him.

  John Larkins’ formal education includes a BS certified for science teaching, an MBA from the University of Missouri and an MPA from Jacksonville State University in public administration and environmental management.For the past 15 years, John evangelized on the street, door-to-door, in tent revivals and in church situations. Contact him at johnlarkins@bellsouth.net.

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