Granddaughters to the rescue!


By Vicki Scott

Grandchildren nowadays seem much more knowledgeable than I remember ever being. My granddaughter Saylor Rhea plays an interactive computer game called Roblox. She and her sister Tyler Kate have been playing the game for a while.
Saylor Rhea called me on Messenger because she does not have a phone line. She talked me through the downloading process of the app and how to play. I gave her my old phone when I got a new one for my birthday, and she can do everything she wants to do on it when she has internet access.
My new phone is not much different than the old one, and Saylor Rhea rigged the old one to her liking. Because of this, she can lead me through the game step by step. She is only eight years old, and Tyler Kate is four.
Roblox has several interactive games, but the one we play has houses that can be built and different modes of transportation. When I first joined Saylor Rhea in the game, she picked me up on a helicopter and took me to her home for a tour. Tyler Kate joined us later in the game and took us for a ride in her RV. She was driving while Saylor Rhea was in the back sleeping. Saylor has it set up to where we can talk to each other while we are going to different places. It was almost like we were really with each other, and it was so much fun. The next thing we knew, hours have passed.
When our oldest granddaughter Ava Jaymes came over to our lake house for the day, I showed her the game. Saylor Rhea soon called us, and we all played. Of course, Ava Jaymes picked up on the game faster than I did.
Just before I started to write this article, Saylor Rhea called me and wanted to play Roblox. I agreed to only for a little while, which apparently lasted a long time. A girl tried to join us while we were playing, but we did not know who she was, so we hopped into a car and left her.
I lost Saylor Rhea in the game while I was running around. I eventually saw a car that looked like Saylor’s, but it belonged to two girls and a baby in a walker. I kept telling my “grands” to come get me while I was trying to get out of these other people’s car (the game will not allow players drive someone else’s vehicle.
The girls finally came to my rescue, with Saylor in a golf cart and Tyler Kate on a horse. I rode on Saylor’s golf cart to their houses, which were across the street from each other. Saylor carried me into her house on her shoulders and showed me around, then Tyler Kate took me to her tree house on her shoulders to show me around.
It looks like they became frustrated while instructing me to follow them, so they either transported me on their shoulders or in their vehicle. I was okay with that, I and enjoyed every bit of that time with my grandchildren. Apparently, Roblox makes them feel more knowledgeable than their Nana. What fun!

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