Having fun with quarantine bingo


By Vicki Scott

Last Monday, I visited and delivered my last bingo prize for the week. When this pandemic started, I am not sure which activity at George Wallace Senior Center I missed most. After two weeks of isolation, I had bingo DTs. It was real, and a support group had to be formed.

We had been studying the Book of James in the Women’s Bible Study class at Cove Creek Baptist when the quarantine started in March. With a need for closure and with lots of prayers, I livestreamed the last of the reading on Facebook.

We played a game of Bingo depicting verses from the Book of James. The prizes were toilet paper and gift cards. I had gift cards left over. I chose toilet paper for a prize as a joke. I did not realize how much of a hit the game turned out to be. Now that I think of it, the brand was Scott toilet paper. Our bingo game was so much fun, and I did not want it to end. One lady picked up her toilet paper prize right after the game!

My issue then entailed not wanting to play on the nights we had bible study. To resolve this issue, I moved the session to Tuesday night, and we have been playing bingo every Tuesday night since all of this started. Generous people like Paulette Chandler from Alaco Pharmacy have been very supportive, and I praise God for them. I also praise God for leading me to do Bingo. The blessings were abundant, and many were unexpected.

My husband Alan and I personally distribute the bin-go prizes, which enables us to at least see everyone who wins. During one of the games, my cousin, who lived in Italy at the time, played. It made me nervous but excited. She has since moved back to the United States because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There went my chance, and excuse.

After a few bingo games, my darling husband started helping me. At first, I called him Van White instead of Vanna before progressed to “The Judge.” After all the winning numbers had been called, a nod from The Judge confirmed the bingo winners. Alan loves to be referred to as The Judge.

On the livestream Bingo, I have cards that that I draw from and call out. Alan keeps up with the numbers I call out. I will accept any kind of bingo: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, four-corners and postage stamp. The cards are not cleared after each game, and each person can only win one time until blackout or cover-up. Each winner chooses a prize. The choices are different every Tuesday. We mostly have chocolate.

At first, the best part was that our seniors were playing. I then found ladies from church, my children and then my grandchildren to participate. My granddaughter Saylor Rhea called me after bingo one night saying that e she could not keep “woosing” (losing). My son is the most competitive, and he critiques every game he loses. I think bingo is just as serious online as it is in person.

Several of our residents enjoyed the bingo games so much that they started implementing a plan to start playing at their church when the quarantines are lifted. Your calls were such a blessing to me. Thank y’all so much! The blessings keep coming.

Many people informed me that they have been playing the bingo games with us but did not call in because they did not need a prize. They just enjoy playing for something to do. I have no plans to be famous. The games are only visible to my friends on my Facebook friends list.

The blessing that got my attention this past week was when Saylor Rhea won a bingo game and I heard her father whispering the numbers to her. He was playing, too! The whole family was involved in this adventure. It was family time. I have encouraged everyone to let their grandchildren play. I love it!

When someone wins, I get to talk to them and tell everyone else how I know this person or something about them. I get to show off my friends and family online!
Praises are lifted daily to God for my new Bingo Support Group. I pray we will continue to play until I this coronavirus quarantine is lifted. If you are interested in playing bingo or being a member of my Bingo Support Group, look me up and I will friend you.

Stay safe, y’all!

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