Here a text, there a text…


By Vicki Scott

I brought many things with me when we returned to Dadeville from Glencoe last year. One of those things was the art of group texting, which I adopted from Cove Creek Baptist Church. I now feel that I can keep in touch with everyone in our lady’s group through group texting.

After my husband Alan and I moved back to Dadeville, I joined the local walking group. In both groups, we would share prayers and praise, devotionals and details on upcoming events. So, I thought that group texting would be perfect for our senior group. After presenting the idea, I started sending inspirational messages every morning to those who signed up for the group text. So far, it has been a little more complicated than the other two groups.

The next Sunday, the wife of one of the seniors informed me that her husband wanted off of the group text list. Apparently, he did not realize that his phone would ding every time someone posted something. He did not like it at all. When I told Alan about the situation, he wanted off the group text as well. He explained that he could no longer tolerate all the dinging.

I was flustered, but it all of the women in the group seemed to enjoy the group texting, so I kept it going.

Prayer requests and information were streaming in, as well as complaints and concerns. Every time there was a post, some folks asked who the poster was. I do not know who all is posting or reading my posts in my Cove Creek ladies’ group text group, I never ask. I love all of them, whoever they are!

It was the same way in the walking group text. Recently, the walking group leader sent out a list of names and phone numbers of the members in the group. I have not looked at it, but I know where it is, and I will use it if I need to.

But our seniors are different. With privacy laws etched in my brain, I’m hesitant to give out too much information. The seniors decided on their own whether or not to introduce themselves on the text and considered the matter was solved.

It was not. Every time someone would post, only the phone number would show. Of course, someone would always ask who was posting. One of the seniors suggested adding each of us to their contacts where their name would pop up automatically so they would know who was posting. Another suggested putting one’s name at the end of the post. We are doing both, and so far, so good with that.

We plan to take the seniors to the movies this Tuesday to see Where the Crawdads Sing. We plan to leave right after exercise, eat lunch across from the movie theater and arrive at the theater in time for the movie. Several of the seniors are worried about getting there on time. Some are concerned about being sweaty during the lunch and movie. Another is worried that she will be away from her dog for too long. These all are legitimate concerns, and I do pray they will all work out.

Of course, you are hearing my side of the story, which might be a tad dramatic. I could cancel exercise class, but we have just started the program and I do not want to start skipping classes. It is too important. All of this has been on our group text.

I praise God for Alan and my dear friend LaShanne. They have been my rocks. Behind the scenes, they have giving me some much-needed confidence through everything in this vision. God knew what I needed in them.

After a while, several members of the group text shared uplifting support in letting me know that everything was going to be okay, no matter what. We are going to make it, and God has got this!

It reminded me of several shaky situations at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe, during which time God used Alan and the center’s director Pat Hill to strengthen my resolve. He always sends the right people at the right time, and everything works out!

A precious lady who reminds me of my aunt posted about how much this group text means to her after the loss of her husband. It made me cry. Her post started a chain reaction, both in responding posts and my tears. We are all broken and healing together because we are better together.

I think we might be getting good results in this group texting. Thanks for your prayers, and please keep them coming.

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